What do company fit, CeBIT and market growth have in common?

What do company fit, CeBIT and market growth have in common?

Truthseekers, entrepreneurs and eternal optimists... these are just a few words that describe Pluralsight, a global leader in online learning for IT software development, IT and creative professionals.

Pluralsight-logo2Aaron Skonnard, CEO of Pluralsight and one of the company’s three founders, was driven by a vision to democratise professional technology learning. Their ultimate and beyond noble goal is to make technology learning affordable AND accessible to everyone around the world. In a nutshell Pluralsight is the type of company that’ll make you sleep better at night just knowing they’re out there doing what they do.

And what they do, they do it well.

PSponsor-profile-Fiona-Sweeney-Pluralsightluralsight currently has over 4000 courses available through a paid subscription online, all of which are developed by 700 expert authors. Their commitment to quality learning is highlighted through their diverse client base, which is impressive to say the least. Professional myth makers and fairy tale traders, Disney and Pixar are both subscribers who use Pluralsight’s courses to train and upskill their digital animation experts.

Core to their success is their amazing company culture, which has two rules at its heart: always do what’s best for Pluralsight, and be kind and courteous to others even when you disagree.

When Pluralsight’s Director for Australia and New Zealand, Fiona Sweeney, was brought onboard last year to expand the business in this region she knew that finding the right people would be crucial to support their growth rate. To ensure that their Australian and New Zealand customers have the best support possible she started her talent search. “We have an amazing team - all our staff have been hired for the right cultural fit for Pluralsight,” Fiona says.

In order to expand  their brand and product awareness and to nurture their relationships with existing clients, Pluralsight exhibited at CeBIT 2015.

Fiona found the experience both inspiring and rewarding.

She says, “I enjoyed having the ability to represent Pluralsight  to our relevant markets and have conversations with individuals who were discovering who we were.”

“We also had quite a lot of people  who came up to us and said ‘we love Pluralsight’ and ‘you’ve changed my life’. It was wonderful to speak to new people, hear fabulous stories from existing customers, and to find that our courses are relevant and are making an impact on people’s careers.”

Lead generation, positive feedback and happy customers - now that’s a dream come true!

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