How today’s CMO can navigate the future of marketing

24 Jul 2018

As consumers living in the digital age, our expectations of how we want to be marketed to have shifted, just as speed to innovation has created a world where change has become the norm.

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How user-generated content made LEGO the world’s favourite toy brand

25 Jun 2018

You’ve seen the movies, the colourful boxes at the toy store, and you might’ve even been to one of its many theme parks. That’s right, we’re talking about LEGO – the Danish-owned toy manufacturer of over 400 billion interlocking bricks that have entertained kids and adults alike for nearly a century.

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Shaping the business of the future

16 May 2018

If there’s one thing we’ve been reminded of at CeBIT Australia 2018, it is the rapid pace of change. In fact, a key reason for attending the event is to try and keep up with the constantly evolving business and technology landscape.

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How to effectively measure your event sponsorship ROI

02 May 2018

Digital technology has made it infinitely easier for businesses to reach and engage with their customers (and vice-versa). However, in a time of great technological innovation, consumers are still very much after the personal touch.

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The iAwards: Honouring ICT Industry’s Finest

11 Apr 2018

For the past 25 years, the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) has been driving an innovation nation through the iAwards program. Australia's longest running and most broadly scoped innovation recognition program, the iAwards promotes excellence in the Australian digital ecosystem that is making a difference. The iAwards has unearthed, recognised and rewarded excellence in Australian innovation from the likes of Google Maps, Atlassian, Wotif and WiseTech Global. 

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6 ways you should use data to drive marketing decisions

15 Mar 2018

Marketers are mired in data. They’re up to their necks in it. No doubt you’ve heard the term data-driven marketing if you’re in the space.

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NSW’s Support for International Technology Investors

16 Feb 2018

Niall Blair, NSW Minister for Trade and Industry

For businesses eyeing Asia-Pacific markets, Sydney provides the ideal gateway to the region.

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3 marketing automation tools to get you ahead in 2018

01 Dec 2017

If you’re a marketer, then you’re probably suffering from a pretty severe case of exhaustion. And why wouldn’t you be, having to deal with email campaigns,

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5 simple ways to stay on top of the latest marketing trends

16 Nov 2017

It was the Greek philosopher Heraclitus who said, “The only thing that is constant is change”, and that is no more true than in the world of marketing.

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Exhibitor tips: The 5 top CeBIT crowd-attractors - from those in the know

29 Sep 2017

Branded merchandise and sales brochures have become a bit of a crutch for companies exhibiting at trade conferences.

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6 marketing tools every start-up needs in their arsenal

12 Sep 2017

When launching a start-up, one has to wear many hats – researcher, developer, salesperson, admin assistant etc. Among the most important of these hats, is  ‘marketer’. After all, there’s not much use having a great product if no one has heard of it, right?

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Flash is dead, now what?

23 Aug 2017

Adobe recently announced that Flash will become completely obsolete as of December 31st, 2020; “specifically, we will stop updating and distributing the Flash player at the end of 2020 and encourage content creators to migrate any existing Flash content to [sic] open formats.”

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4 ways AI is aligning sales and marketing

22 Aug 2017

While there are some who would have you believe that artificial intelligence (AI) may spell the end of human civilisation as we know it, there are inarguably many benefits to AI, one of which is fostering better sales and marketing alignment.

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Preparing and transforming technology to access cost effective, scalable and lean results

14 Jul 2017

What qualities does an effective IT leader need to create lasting and dynamic change?

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[Presentation] Digital marketing performance & attribution metrics

04 Jul 2017

It's time we all face the elephant in the room: digital campaign reporting is misleading.

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How News Corp is using UX design to create meaningful change at scale

15 Jun 2017

News Corp started web publishing in 1988, and at the time, the online news division didn’t really have a sustainable business model.

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The perfect match: Old-school marketing tactics + programmatic ad tech

07 Jun 2017

Programmatic ad buying has become significantly more efficient over the past 18 months, but there are still notable elements of wastage in the data-driven landscape, according to Yahoo7’s Ben Green.

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Naomi Simson Ready to Soar

31 May 2017

Given what an online giant RedBalloon is, it’s hard to believe that in the not-too-distant past their orders were taken on fax.

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To chatbot or not to chatbot? That is the question

25 May 2017

To bot or not to bot? It seems to be one of the biggest emerging trends forcasted by experts at CeBIT Australia 2017.

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Policy priorities to fuel Australia’s digital workforce boom to be revealed at CeBIT

19 May 2017

The contribution of digital technologies to the Australian economy is forecast to grow from $79 billion in 2014 to $139 billion in 2020.

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Exhibition networking drinks introduced at CeBIT

15 May 2017

Visiting (or manning) exhibition booths all day long, forging new business connections and listening to the latest developments in business technology at CeBIT Australia’s many keynote presentations, strategic panels and conferences is thirsty work.

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[Presentation] Leveraging technology to deliver great customer experiences

26 Apr 2017

Strategy first, technology second. These wise words were delivered by Jodie Sangster, CEO at ADMA during her presentation at Digital Marketing 2016 @ CeBIT Australia. 

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Champagne marketing on a beer budget: 3 start-ups who have created a splash

21 Apr 2017

To launch a successful marketing campaign, there must to be a budget of proportional weight and heft.
- Traditional Marketing Proverb

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Empowering the customer: How to market health products and services

07 Apr 2017

The line between information and persuasion is a difficult one for marketers to navigate at the best of times.

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Ping! How marketers can leverage the potential of conversational commerce

31 Mar 2017

“So tell me, what is conversational commerce anyway?”

In 2017, we don’t talk, phone or email. We message. The nuances of language have been replaced with ‘winky face’ ‘dancing girl’ and ‘angry cat.’

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In conversation with: Catherine Thompson, Digital Transformation Agency

22 Mar 2017

We are delighted to welcome Catherine Thompson, Head of the Digital Marketplace (DM), Digital Transformation Agency,  to CeBIT Australia 2017. In her role, she works closely with start-ups and government to unlock opportunities for both sectors.

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In conversation with: Carl Mackie, Key Account Manager, Advantech

14 Mar 2017

Carl Mackie is Key Account Manager for Advantech, a leader in industrial automation and embedded computing hardware who have a long association with CeBIT Australia.

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How your brand strategy drives effective SaaS marketing

06 Mar 2017

Brand strategy in the technology space can be challenging. There’s fierce competition and more often than not, it’s a sink or swim scenario for the new players in the crowded software market.

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What to do after the event: exhibition lead follow-up

03 Mar 2017

The next event is on the horizon, you’ve got the whole day planned out from staff placement to freebies to stall decorations.

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Advantech give 5 great tips on why your business should consider exhibiting at an event

21 Feb 2017

The mission statement of Advantech, a leader in industrial computing, is ‘enabling an intelligent planet.’

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4 great tips to promote your exhibition booth

06 Feb 2017

Hopefully you’re in the midst of planning your 2017 CeBIT Australia booth.

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In conversation with: Max Doyle, Managing Director, Hello Social

03 Feb 2017

Hello Social is Australia’s first social media agency and have been partners of CeBIT Australia for three years, helping to create some very memorable social media displays.

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6 great tips on getting your stall exhibition ready

22 Jan 2017

It only seems like yesterday when you signed your business up for CeBIT Australia 2017.

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3 key ways big data is improving marketing insights

05 Jan 2017

Remember the days when marketing was also known as the colouring in department?

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The potential of virtual reality marketing for small business

04 Jan 2017

Virtual Reality (VR) is no longer the stuff of myth and futurist propaganda, though it’s still a far cry from the visions of Tron.

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A tumbleweed and no leads: 6 of the most common exhibition fails

03 Jan 2017

We’re now on the other side of the New Year and the exhibition that seemed like it was eons away is drawing ever closer.

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How marketers can drive digital transformation

14 Dec 2016

When a shiny new piece of technology appears on the market, the knee-jerk reaction for many marketers is to go a bit Gollum on it, hiss myyyy precioussss and grab at it, thinking that it will be The One Thing to rule them all.

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Talk of the town: how to get social media buzzing about your business at a tech event

02 Dec 2016

A tech event stall is a lot like Baby from Dirty Dancing.

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Video games + Marketing = Gamification = Win

29 Nov 2016

Video games have the power to transport us to a different world.

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Star spangled website: The UX guide to the US election

16 Nov 2016

The world is reeling from one of the strangest elections in US history.

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Magic moments: How to optimise your marketing mobile moments

08 Nov 2016

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

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3 inspirational brands nailing native advertising

31 Oct 2016

There’s a scene in the animated television series Futurama where our stuck-in-the-future protagonist Fry is in the middle of a very common dream: finding himself in class naked and humiliated.

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Looking to the future: The program for CeBIT Australia 2017 is here!

14 Oct 2016

We are looking to the future with the launch of our CeBIT Australia 2017 agenda. As the largest and longest running technology conference and exhibition in the Asia-Pacific, we pride ourselves on bringing together a diverse array of experts from around the world.

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Why you need to pay more attention to on-site search

28 Sep 2016

You get to a website. You know exactly what you want. You click the search box in the top right hand corner. You type in what you want... and nothing returns from your search.

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How Snapchat marketing can engage your customers

23 Sep 2016

Snapchat is one of the most prominent social media platforms of our time and it’s worth an eye-ball popping US$20 billion.

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Trade show ninja: Guerrilla marketing tactics to shock and delight

20 Sep 2016

 At a very crowded trade show you are aiming to be like a unicorn carrying cocktails:

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How minimalist millennials are fostering new consumer demands

14 Sep 2016

In a world where consumers are marketed to in every way possible - it’s easy to see how they’re getting overwhelmed.

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Exhibition sponsorship: How AV companies can stand out

08 Sep 2016

Audio visual has become a staple in our lives. Everywhere we look there’s a big shiny screen bursting with information!

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4 tricks to identify your ideal target audience

05 Sep 2016

You’ve got a really sexy/nifty/fun/useful product. It’s not just you that thinks so. Or your mum. You’ve got great write-up from tech bloggers, the reviews are promising.

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7 benefits of sponsoring an event

16 Aug 2016

Sponsoring industry events, trade shows and exhibitions can have an incredible return on investment.

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3 brands who have gold medal Olympic marketing campaigns

12 Aug 2016

The Olympics are a time when the world stops amazed at the magnificent athleticism of our countrymen and women.

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5 tips for irresistible exhibition booth design

03 Aug 2016

In a finite space filled with dozens of other stalls, it can be very difficult to shine.

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3 common SEO mistakes (and what you can do to avoid them)

22 Jul 2016

Amongst all modern marketing techniques available to us, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) needs to be the number one priority for any business looking to attract new customers.

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4 ways brands are using Pokemon Go to generate leads

19 Jul 2016

On July 6 people in the North America, Australia and New Zealand stopped what they were doing and started walking the streets, flicking at the screens of their smartphones.

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Beyond the pen: 8 fun giveaway ideas for tech exhibitions

19 Jul 2016

In a tech exhibition filled with marvels, it is getting harder and harder to stand out from the crowd, let alone be remembered after the event.

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5 tips for crafting email subject lines that actually work

05 Jul 2016

Crafting a subject line can be a tormentous occasion. It’s so important to get that one single line of text perfect.

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Do you remember these trends? 4 of the worst fads in marketing

21 Jun 2016

One of the best things about working in marketing is the ability to experiment with emerging technology.

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Evolve your digital marketing program

05 May 2016

Before Bonnie Thorn, head of marketing at Red Balloon, stepped up to give her presentation at CeBIT 2016, the chair asked the audience, ‘Whos heard of Red Balloon?’.

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Connect the dots - Thinking beyond domestic shores to market a destination via digital

05 May 2016

Diana Kahui, The Director of Digital Strategy at Destination NSW, has a very ambitious target for her team.

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Delivering customer-centric products

02 May 2016

Customer-led design is more than just listening to customers - it's about acting on what you hear.

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Data driven marketing: how you can master your ocean of data

13 Apr 2016

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner lamentes: Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drink.

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Ceasefire: Why CIOs and CMOs should (and can) be friends

05 Apr 2016

In the latest State of ANZ Marketing Technology report, 55% of IT respondents consider their working relationship with their marketing teams as being “collaborative” or “awesome.”

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The role of marketing technology in providing outstanding customer service

04 Apr 2016

Online shopping is a glorious feature of modern life.

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Small budget, big exposure: digital marketing strategies for start-ups

04 Apr 2016

You’ve created something that has the potential to change the world.

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4 reasons to document your content marketing strategy

21 Mar 2016

In the annual Content Marketing Institute Marketing (CMI) report it was shown that over 70% of respondents did not regularly document their marketing strategy. 

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How to get internal buy-in for event sponsorship

16 Mar 2016

You’ve found an event, or you’ve been approached to sponsor an event, and you believe it’s worth it. You’ve checked it out and they have a fantastic track record and reputation in the industry.

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How to action your industry event ideas

15 Mar 2016
Attending industry events is often an inspiring time. You meet people, new and old. You speak about business, what’s working and what’s not. You attend talks, seminars, pitches and networking events.
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Why an integrated marketing strategy is vital to success

09 Mar 2016

2007 was heralded as ‘the year of the mobile. Nokia became the first company to sell over a million of a “non-candy bar smart-phone”,

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7-ways introverts can master any networking event

02 Mar 2016

Exhibiting and networking at an event isn’t a walk in the park, especially if you’re an introvert.

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Four key ways CMOs can thrive in a technology driven marketing landscape

23 Feb 2016

The days that a CMO can operate solely within the confines of a traditional marketing sphere are well and truly over.

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Should your business expand into eCommerce?

22 Feb 2016

The divide between our physical and online worlds is blurring. We work online, get our news online, and more and more of us are even falling in love online.

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How to prove your exhibition ROI

25 Jan 2016

Industry exhibitions are an incredible way to discover new business.

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Is your company's customer experience impacting your ROI?

21 Jan 2016

With the ability to compare seemingly interchangeable products at the click of a button, consumers now have more information than ever before.

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3 top tips to nail the sale at exhibitions

13 Jan 2016

Exhibitions can be a very effective way to generate leads. But what’s the best way to go about selling and making new contacts on an exhibition floor? After all, nobody wants to appear desperate (or creepy).

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Do you really need to develop an app?

12 Jan 2016

You can download apps to do your banking, book a taxi, chat with your overseas friends for free, stop you from drunk dialing and even superimpose a moustache on your face. In short, there’s an app for everything in your life.

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14 efficiency hacks for busy business owners

11 Jan 2016

Being a business owner is a round-the-clock job. And let’s be honest, it probably isn’t exactly what you were expecting when you first signed up.

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5 easy-to-use apps for lead generation at events

15 Dec 2015

Did you know, 93% of companies say that their top exhibiting objective is to generate leads?

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Top UX trends for 2016

14 Dec 2015

Change is inevitable.

If you were to tell someone in 2005 that only ten years later more than 43% of the world population would be using the internet, they wouldn’t have believed you.

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Debunking the 3 biggest myths about marketing technology

11 Dec 2015

As a marketer, keeping up with the latest trends and technology developments is part and parcel of your role. That’s often easier said than done though.

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Virtual reality: Why and how to use VR in your marketing strategy

01 Dec 2015

Virtual reality (VR) and marketing can be a powerful force when combined.

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How to drive sales and marketing alignment with automation technology

11 Nov 2015

Despite having the ultimate shared goal of more revenue, sales and marketing teams in many organisations continue to sit in opposite corners of the ring.

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How technology is changing the role of the CMO

29 Oct 2015

Oscar Trimboli has become a primary thought leader in the convergence of marketing and technology.

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CeBIT Australia: Shaping the business technology landscape

21 Oct 2015

IP telephony, cable modems and biometrics - those were the topics shaping the business technology landscape in 2001 when CeBIT Australia opened its doors for the very first time.

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Big data for marketing: how to stop talking and start doing

20 Oct 2015

With its incredible levels of accuracy and detail, and the vast opportunities for better understanding and communicating with your customers, there’s no question that big data is a juicy topic for marketers.

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