4 ways FinTech companies are changing the way we invest

19 Jul 2018

The current FinTech boom is rapidly changing the way we manage our finances, not just in the way we transact, borrow, budget or transfer every day, but also in the way we invest.

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Blockchain technology beyond bitcoin

22 Jun 2018

Much has been said about blockchain technology and its potential applications, but can it really usher the world into a future where traceability, identity security, and speedier, more secure transactions are no longer nagging problems for businesses and individuals?

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How neobanks, start-ups, digital and mobile tech are redefining banking and finance

12 Jun 2018

If you use your mobile phone or the web to do most, if not all, of your money management, then you’re a part of the digital revolution that has disrupted the banking and finance world in the last couple of years.

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Best of the rest from CeBIT PitchFest 2018

23 May 2018

You already know Ping Data won a hotly contested CeBIT PitchFest 2018, pipping runners-up Littlescribe and BenchOn to first place. But what about the other seven start-ups selected as finalists? What innovative ideas did they share?

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Ping Data wins CeBIT PitchFest 2018

17 May 2018

CeBIT Australia 2018 came to an exciting close with PitchFest 2018. Ten worthy finalists (from 40 entrants) pitched their tech-related start-up ideas to the panel of expert judges: Adam Cook, Investment Associate, AirTree Ventures; Bradley Delamare, Chief Executive Officer, Tank Stream Labs; Rohen Sood, Investment Manager, Reinventure; and Noga Edelstein, Co-Founder, UrbanYou.

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3 types of accelerator your start-up needs now

17 May 2018

Successful start-ups need three main things: a fantastic, commercialisable idea; investment; and a lot of luck.

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5 ways the right travel tech can protect your data, people, and bottom line

27 Mar 2018

Corporate travel is the second largest indirect spend for business but most are struggling to unlock a greater return on investment. The key is using the right travel tech which will not only help your bottom line, but protect your employees and keep your data secure.

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Will the cryptocurrency bubble burst?

30 Oct 2017

It’s been an eventful few weeks for cryptocurrencies, and in particular Bitcoin.

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Is government ready for blockchain?

17 Jul 2017

The potential for blockchain to affect change for a large number of people is very exciting and has been a hot topic in technology circles for a while.

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Preparing and transforming technology to access cost effective, scalable and lean results

14 Jul 2017

What qualities does an effective IT leader need to create lasting and dynamic change?

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How Australian businesses are using blockchain in Fintech

21 Jun 2017

Working with and understanding practical ways to apply blockchain to Fintech is a daily task at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia according to CeBIT Australia 2017 panelist and Commonwealth Bank Executive Manager, Emerging Technology Team, Chris Connor.

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Spaceship: The Australian start-up changing the way we look at superannuation

01 May 2017

Superannuation. It’s not the most riveting topic. If you’re under 35 the idea of retiring probably isn’t on your radar, and that’s okay considering the day you walk away from work for the last time is at least 30-40 years away.

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Crossing borders: Maintaining a great international business culture

13 Apr 2017

David Hodges, Founder and Managing Director of Loc8, knows what it takes to make the successful transition from start-up to flourishing, scalable business.

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Taking the step up: Preparing your start-up for growth

04 Apr 2017

When David Hodges began a software start-up in Melbourne just six years ago, he didn’t quite imagine that the company would by now have expanded to the UK, the US and New Zealand.

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Australian FinTech start-up set to become Netflix of ethical investment

03 Apr 2017

“It makes no sense to invest in companies that undermine our future.” Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Every generation is shaped by defining moments. And millennials have seen more than their fair share of global events that led them to become the most ethically and socially aware generation yet.

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[Presentation] FinTech risk management: from discovery to resilience

03 Apr 2017

We love the rewards of technology, but not so much the security challenges. In an ever-evolving environment, it can be hard to put security systems in place that will only be obsolete with the next innovation in technology.

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How government agencies can embrace the potential of blockchain

28 Mar 2017

Ever wanted to know how blockchain technology can reduce fraud? Or better yet, how governments around the globe are implementing the technology for better digital services? Well the GovInnovate Team has you covered.

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[Presentation] The future of payments beyond blockchain

24 Mar 2017

We’re still in the midst of a blockchain revolution, but Dilip Rao, Managing Director of Ripple APAC is looking to the future beyond the era of cryptocurrencies, to a world of connected and seamless payment systems.

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[Video] Transforming to become more customer-centric

20 Mar 2017

We’ve seen incredible changes in consumer behaviour over the last 20 years, and a lot of this is thanks to new technologies that change the way we shop.

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[Presentation] Delivering customer centric products

01 Dec 2016

NAB’s Head of Human-Centred Design, Louise Long presented Delivering customer centric products at CeBIT Australia 2016. She discussed what customer led design is and how NAB is delivering customer centric products. Take a look at Louise’s presentation below.

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Looking to the future: The program for CeBIT Australia 2017 is here!

14 Oct 2016

We are looking to the future with the launch of our CeBIT Australia 2017 agenda. As the largest and longest running technology conference and exhibition in the Asia-Pacific, we pride ourselves on bringing together a diverse array of experts from around the world.

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How does FinTech disrupt the customer experience?

27 Sep 2016

In the last few weeks, we have examined how FinTech can help business owners provide a more agile and responsive service for their customers.

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3 questions SMEs need to ask before investing in FinTech

12 Sep 2016

FinTech has been generating a lot of excited buzz in technology, banking and business circles for a while now.

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How risk management skills can future-proof your fintech investments

10 Aug 2016

Gone are the days when a CIO’s remit solely revolved around being the keeper of the infrastructure

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The future of payments beyond Blockchain

03 May 2016

Even though it may fly in the face of popular opinion, Managing Director of APAC, Ripple, Dilip Rao says that we need to be thinking beyond Blockchain in order to create truly global payment systems.

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What can Australia learn from FinTech globally?

02 May 2016

The volume of investment into financial technology (FinTech) continues to grow globally, said Danny Gilligan, co-founder and managing director of the Reinventure Group, speaking at CeBIT 2016.

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How technology is shaping the finance industry

22 Mar 2016

Advancements in technology are helping to shape the future of the finance industry.

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Everything you need to know about cloud-based accounting and its related ecosystems

03 Mar 2016

Cloud-based accounting has rapidly developed and advanced in the past seven years within Australia.

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CeBIT Australia: Shaping the business technology landscape

21 Oct 2015

IP telephony, cable modems and biometrics - those were the topics shaping the business technology landscape in 2001 when CeBIT Australia opened its doors for the very first time.

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