Cybersecurity expert Mikko Hypponen announced as a keynote speaker at CEBIT

2 Apr 2019

One of the world’s foremost authorities on computer security and privacy issues, Mikko Hypponen, has been announced as a keynote speaker for CEBIT Australia 2019, to be held in Sydney from 29 – 31 October 2019. Hypponen will be one of eight influential keynote speakers at the event, which is Asia Pacific’s largest and longest running B2B technology exhibition and conference examining every aspect of business digitisation.

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Blockchain technology beyond bitcoin

22 Jun 2018

Much has been said about blockchain technology and its potential applications, but can it really usher the world into a future where traceability, identity security, and speedier, more secure transactions are no longer nagging problems for businesses and individuals?

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Best of the rest from CeBIT PitchFest 2018

23 May 2018

You already know Ping Data won a hotly contested CeBIT PitchFest 2018, pipping runners-up Littlescribe and BenchOn to first place. But what about the other seven start-ups selected as finalists? What innovative ideas did they share?

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The cyberthreats of tomorrow: How prepared are you?

17 May 2018

Cybersecurity is currently one of the thorniest issues business and industry are facing. How do you ensure your systems, operations and data are as protected as possible from increasingly sophisticated attacks?

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How the internet of things is changing business

16 May 2018

Some of the statistics around the adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) are staggering. Speaking at CeBIT Australia 2018, Justin Nelson, Head of IoT APAC, Vodafone Global Enterprise, and Leticia Jennings, Country Manager IoT, Vodafone Australia, revealed the numbers from a specially commissioned Vodafone report, and showed how the real potential of Internet of Things lies in its benefit to people.

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How data is battling crime and terrorism

15 May 2018

As the former Executive Director of Europol, Rob Wainwright knows a thing or two about fighting crime.

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What the Norton SMB Cyber Security Survey  reveals about Australian small businesses

16 Apr 2018

While some small business owners may not think of their business as being a target for cybercriminals

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5 ways the right travel tech can protect your data, people, and bottom line

27 Mar 2018

Corporate travel is the second largest indirect spend for business but most are struggling to unlock a greater return on investment. The key is using the right travel tech which will not only help your bottom line, but protect your employees and keep your data secure.

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9 ways cybersecurity can prevent your data being sold on the darknet

13 Mar 2018

In July 2017, it was revealed that millions of Australians’ personal data had been put at risk,

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Understanding the Mandatory Breach laws: what your business needs to know

06 Mar 2018

Privacy breaches can no longer be hidden from the public now that the Australian Government has introduced the Notifiable Data Breaches scheme

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The net is dark and full of terrors (or is it?): exploring the good side of the darknet

05 Mar 2018

Whenever you hear about the darknet, it is usually in connection with criminal activity or information leaks, such as the recent Medicare data breach that made headlines in July 2017.

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CeBIT Australia 2018 conference program announced

14 Feb 2018

CeBIT Australia, Asia Pacific’s largest and longest running business technology conference and exhibition, has released the 2018 conference program. CeBIT Australia will welcome 300 leading technology suppliers to the exhibition floor, while the new streamlined conference program features over 50 expert speakers across four dedicated streams.

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Why your employees are your biggest cybersecurity risk (and what to do about it)

13 Feb 2018

As the number of devices connected to enterprise networks proliferates, and the sophistication of hackers and malwares grows, cybersecurity is only becoming a bigger concern for organisations worldwide – and this goes double for Australian organisations. According to a survey by PwC, the frequency of cybersecurity incidents in Australia almost tripled that of the rest of the world from 2014 to 2015. And more than six million people were victims of cybercrime in 2017– constituting more than one in three (36 per cent) of the adult online population, and a 13 percent increase from 2016, according to the 2017 Norton cybersecurity Insights Report.

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Get smart and skilled in cyber-security

05 Feb 2018

Deputy Premier and Skills Minister John Barilaro today announced that the growing threat of cybercrime and the potential shortage of skills to protect against it has led the NSW Government to offer subsidised training in cyber-security for the first time.

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New funding to boost cyber security

02 Feb 2018

The NSW Government today announced a $2 million investment in a new university-led network aimed at bolstering NSW’s cyber security research and development capability and harnessing the state’s growing cyber security industry. The NSW Cyber Security Network will bring together leading scientists and engineers from seven of the state’s universities to protect government, industry and individuals against cyberattacks.

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Personal data security, and the 4 lessons we can take from the Medicare data breach

15 Jan 2018

In July 2017, it was revealed that Medicare card details were being sold on the “dark web”, by a vendor who claimed to have access to every Australian’s Medicare card details, and could supply them on request, amounting to a serious data breach.

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Cybersecurity in Australia: Key takeaways from the ACSC 2017 Threat Report

19 Oct 2017

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) 2017 Threat Report has just been released.

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3 biggest cybersecurity risks facing you and your business

05 Sep 2017

Another day, another cybercrime story. HBO made headlines in July when its network systems were hacked and 1.5 terabytes of data was stolen and held to ransom.

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8 tips to develop a BYOD policy that actually gets used

05 Sep 2017

As Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) strategies become more prevalent among forward-thinking organisations, it is interesting to note that the strategy itself has been largely driven by users, rather than by IT.

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Preparing and transforming technology to access cost effective, scalable and lean results

14 Jul 2017

What qualities does an effective IT leader need to create lasting and dynamic change?

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4 must-know cybersecurity trends the AFP are monitoring

04 Jul 2017

Australian Federal Police officers respond to more than one thousand cybersecurity incidents a year – including attempted attacks on our critical infrastructure, said one of the AFP’s top officers.

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Balancing information security needs with your digital transformation agenda

07 Jun 2017

Striking the right balance between information security and digital transformation can be a difficult task for organisations.

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Cyber security expert: The vulnerability lies in our critical infrastructure

24 May 2017

Cyber crime has an impact of more than $600 billion per year according to CeBIT Australia 2017 keynote speaker and cyber security expert Eugene Kaspersky.

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Leaders of the tech industry address key issues at CeBIT Australia’s strategic panels

12 May 2017

For the first time, CeBIT Australia is featuring six strategic panels where some of the most successful leaders and greatest minds in the industry will debate the biggest issues in business technology.

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Cyber crime: A major threat - and a major business opportunity

12 May 2017

By NSW Minister for Trade and Industry, Niall Blair

Lack of cyber security is a significant threat to both our national security and to commercial activity on many levels. 

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Australia among top 5 target countries for ransomware attacks

02 May 2017

“Stay Fearless and Don’t Pay The Ransom” – Noushin Shabab, Senior Security Researcher, GReAT

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In conversation with: Noushin Shabab, Kaspersky Lab

26 Apr 2017

We had the delightful opportunity to catch up with cybersecurity specialist Noushin Shabab, Senior Security Researcher (GReAT) at Kaspersky Lab.

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Data privacy: Is it synonymous with secrecy or transparency?

13 Apr 2017

The 2016 Australian census has caused much debate about data security and data privacy - with far reaching implications for digital government into the future.

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Finance sector remains prime target for cyber threats

31 Mar 2017

Having stumbled upon the field by accident when his computer became infected with the Cascade virus, Eugene Kaspersky is now a global thought leader in cybersecurity.

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Breaking the cyber kill chain

27 Mar 2017

Aaron Tan, Computer Weekly Senior Editor, APAC

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Why marketing needs to think about cyber security

20 Feb 2017

Marketing used to mean flyers, commercials, ad spots and billboards like Chuck Norris’ line of ‘action jeans’ that ‘won't bind your legs, ’ (presumably while you substitute traditional walking for a series of roundhouse kicks).

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Protect your growing business: 4 cyber security protocols every start-up should have in place

17 Feb 2017

Daring bank heists. System takeovers through home appliances. Russian spies tampering with elections. No these aren’t Ian Fleming plotlines.

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How to develop a cyber security incident response plan that actually works

16 Feb 2017

Having the right capabilities to respond to a data security incident is a necessity in the internet age.

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[Video] Security and augmented reality

16 Feb 2017

Biometric face recognition is a commonly used method to verify identity in high security areas. But what happens when body features are falsified or disguised?

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In conversation with: Nicole Eagan, Chief Executive Officer, Darktrace 

15 Feb 2017

Nicole Eagan has 25 years in the technology sector and has seen first-hand how cyber attacks have become more sophisticated and more ambitious.

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Immune system: How Darktrace’s Artificial Intelligence combats cyber attacks

15 Feb 2017

2016 was a huge year for technological advancement and innovation.

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Behind the mask: the rise of hacktivism

13 Feb 2017

In the first industrial revolution, a group of angered weavers and textile workers were made redundant, losing their livelihoods to technology that could do the job quicker and more efficiently.

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[Presentation] Lessons from La Trobe University on cyber intrusions

13 Feb 2017

“It took about 75 years for the telephone to connect 50 million people. Today a simple iPhone app like Draw Something can reach that milestone in a matter of days”

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[Video] Intelligence-led insights and an interactive threat visualizer

08 Feb 2017

Darktrace is a network solution for detecting and investigating emerging cyber-threats that evade traditional security tools. It is powered by Enterprise Immune System technology, which uses machine learning and mathematics to monitor behaviors and detect anomalies in your organization’s network. The Enterprise Immune System's mathematical approaches do not require signatures or rules and so can detect emerging ‘unknown unknown’ attacks that have not been seen before. 

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[Presentation] Future proofing cybersecurity

07 Feb 2017

The world we live in has fundamentally changed.

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Why education is key to protecting your company’s data

25 Jan 2017

Between July 2015 and July 2016 there were 14,804 cyber security incidents affecting Australian businesses according to the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC).

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What were the biggest cyber security threats of 2016?

12 Dec 2016

2016 has been a year of tremendous technological achievement.

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The quiet riot: Cyberwarfare

02 Nov 2016

What if a malevolent group could hack into a country’s database and disrupt its media channels, its banking system, its citizen databases and its parliament?

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When not if: How to detect a data breach

01 Nov 2016

Australia experienced its largest data breach in history last week.

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Looking to the future: The program for CeBIT Australia 2017 is here!

14 Oct 2016

We are looking to the future with the launch of our CeBIT Australia 2017 agenda. As the largest and longest running technology conference and exhibition in the Asia-Pacific, we pride ourselves on bringing together a diverse array of experts from around the world.

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Are you safe? WiFi security for business

12 Oct 2016

In a world where hackers can steal a personal WIFI network password through a smart kettle, there’s no doubt we need next level security to keep business data safe.

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The rise of the cyber spy: How pervasive is corporate espionage?

13 Sep 2016

The spying game has come a long way since the pigeon camera and the lipstick named ‘the kiss of death.’

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Biometric data security: Is encryption enough?

06 Jul 2016

Biometric identification isn’t a new concept. Authorities have been using fingerprints to keep tabs on society’s rule breakers for more than 100 years.

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CyberCrime: from SciFi to the boardroom

04 May 2016

Emerging technology is pretty cool – but it can also be pretty frightening, as Shara Evans, futurist and CEO of Market Clarity, made abundantly clear in her presentation at CeBIT 2016.

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Australia's role in shaping the int'l cyber environment

03 May 2016

With a new cyber strategy recently announced, it feels as though a bold new path for Australia will be paved within the international community, particularly in regard to Asia-Pacific regions.

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Digital growth drives digital risk… and opportunity

02 May 2016

It’s not all gloom and doom in the cyber security space, as Lynwen Connick, First Assistant Secretary of Cyber Policy and Intelligence in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, sees it.

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What you need to know about hacker insurance

30 Mar 2016

Imagine coming into work one day, you turn on your computer, grab a coffee and when you come back you can’t log on.

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5 trends in information security you need to know

09 Feb 2016

Cyber attacks and information leaks are becoming increasingly common, giving businesses good reason to place information security on the front burner.

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Cyber security: it’s simpler than you think

27 Jan 2016

Triskele Labs launched in 2014, and in just 18 months, have secured their spot as Australia’s leading cyber security advisors. 

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The human factor in cyber security

18 Jan 2016

Cyber-breaches are a costly business, impacting both revenue and reputation. It was recently revealed that cyber attacks cost businesses $400 to $500 billion annually. Now that’s something to be concerned about.

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How to mitigate the growing risk of digital data loss

05 Jan 2016

In London, 1.2 exabytes of data move through the city every day as people commute to and from work. When data moves from a controlled office environment to the external world it becomes vulnerable to loss.

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CeBIT Australia: Shaping the business technology landscape

21 Oct 2015

IP telephony, cable modems and biometrics - those were the topics shaping the business technology landscape in 2001 when CeBIT Australia opened its doors for the very first time.

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