Meet TouchOne: the world’s first smartwatch keyboard

Meet TouchOne: the world's first smartwatch keyboard

Recently bought a smartwatch? Hands up if you’ve received a message and experienced the crippling confusion of how to actually respond to it. It turns out  you currently can’t do this easily... unless you’re happy to rely on voice dictation, or the ability to time travel into the near future (if that’s the case then the following won’t come as much of a surprise).

For the non time travellers among us we’re happy to report that Melbourne start-up, Infiniti Technology, is about to make your life radically easier. They’ve developed TouchOne, the world’s very first Android keyboard for smartwatches.The keyboard boasts an innovative layout that revolves around a circular alphabet.

This is in addition to enhanced features such as a T9 predictive keyboard, numbers, punctuation and emojis. We should also mention that it’s fast and intuitive; users can easily learn the technology within two minutes, typing at a rate of up to 32 words per minute. This trumps the average typing rate of the iPhone just FYI.

So what prompted this life-changing advancement? After conducting seven years of research into human finger ergonomics it became apparent to TouchOne’s inventor, Simon Hu, that the current QWERTY keyboard (which is designed for rapid 10 finger movement) is simply not working as well as it could be on  today’s small screens. After further observing smartphones in their environment, Simon realised that people only use one finger to drive their gestures. Yet this is not without its own set of limitations; to put it somewhat indelicately, big fingers make typing on small keys hard. That is why to date smartwatches have only enabled voice control, however this can really only be an interim solution that raises many privacy and security concerns. We for one never feel great about sharing our credit card information in a crowded space, let alone saying it out loud. Sensitive info aside, let’s be honest, who really feels comfortable verbally replying to a message in public?

To Simon it was obvious that the keyboard needed to be revolutionised for small screen input, and he’s done just that. In doing so he’s transformed 150 years of keyboard design and developed a ground-breaking multi-patented piece of technology.

We were lucky enough to see the TouchOne keyboard in action at CeBIT 2015. The amount of work that’s gone into both the design and research of the product was truly staggering. This is why they were the clear winner of our 2015 StartUp Pitchfest award. As the TouchOne keyboard sees creative, out-of-the-box thinking applied to the real world they are also a 2015 Finalist of Innovation. As a result of these achievements you can expect to see a lot more from the TouchOne keyboard crew, and not just in next year’s lineup!

This invention has a bright future indeed but don’t just take our word for it, give it a go yourself! The team are about to start their very own Kickstarter campaign and the app will be available for download in December.

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