Lessons from Servers Australia: Customers really do have the answers

Lessons from Servers Australia: Customers really do have the answers

Since their conception in 2006, managed hosting provider Servers Australia have built quite the name for themselves.

A name that is associated with reliable, secure and affordable services.

In fact just this year they were awarded the Central Coast Excellence in Innovation award. A welcome edition to the 2014 Central Coast Business of the Year, and CEO Jared Hirst’s Young Entrepreneur Award. 

Australian companies were quick to see the benefits behind their services, some of which include cloud hosting and dedicated servers.

And no wonder. With data sovereignty and security, as well as fast time-to-value on the minds of most Australian IT Managers, Servers Australia have created a compelling offering that delivers peace of mind.  

Now small, medium-sized, corporate and government agencies in Australia can rest easy knowing that Servers Australia only provides servers within Australian legislation, and fast.

Why is this important, you ask?

Well it turns out that the American Patriot Act gives the American government the ability to access data stored outside the United States by U.S. cloud service providers or their foreign subsidiaries. So for example if an Australian company, let’s say Qantas, chooses to host their data with an American managed service provider (or a subsidiary of an American company) the American government can sail past Australian laws and access their data. Even if it’s hosted within Australia.

Somewhat troubling right?

Jared thinks so too. In fact, enabling Australian rights for Australian businesses was one of the primary reasons he started Servers Australia. That and the fact his own personal experience had taught him offshore hosting was horribly slow.

The company is excited to see an increasing number of people are using a mixture of external servers and the cloud to host their data - and they’re committed to providing the latest hosting tech within Australia.

They’ve recently launched their online self-service portal, one of the first of its kind in this fair country. Clients can buy a physical server from them and have it fully provisioned within 13 minutes. All a customer has to do is login and purchase a machine. From there Servers Australia will install it, set it up and send a completion email within 15 minutes. Talk about fast time-to-value!

“No one else is doing that.” Jared says. “It offers flexibility and really good customer service.”

Jared believes that their involvement in CeBIT 2015 played an important role in the development of this product.

Servers Australia’s first iteration of their self-install servers featured a 4 to 8 hour turn-around, inline with the industry standard at the time.

“Through meeting people from a wide market at CeBIT, from SMEs to one-man bands, to corporates to enterprise to governments to education, we actually learnt that people wanted their servers within minutes. It was a really big thing, a lot of people asked if we could do it. So after CeBIT we researched, worked on how to implement it and we’re now launching this new service. All of that came out of CeBIT.”

Jared also found, through talking to customers on the floor, that some of them wanted to be able to resell their products, of which he’d previously had no idea.

“In July we launched a trial reseller programme which has gone absolutely off!”

He adds, “CeBIT has really driven where we’ve taken our products and helped us listen to what people want and what different sectors need.”

It goes to show that customers really do have the answers... all one has to do is listen.

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