Smart equipment tracking


Tech is evolving faster than ever, said Kevin Cohen, CEO of Ramp RFID, and if we don’t keep abreast of the advancements, we will be left behind. Ramp RFID is an Australian company specialising in wireless asset, vehicle and people tracking, and Cohen shared his insights on smart equipment tracking (SET) at CeBIT 2016. 

So what is SET? SET is real-time asset monitoring using sensor tags or beacons that operate via Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) or radio-frequency identification (RFID). The data collected from these sensors are used to determine the location, condition or status of asset – among many other things. The benefits include:

  • Accurate asset visibility
  • Improved maintenance planning, and a reduced likelihood of unplanned maintenance
  • Remote real-time monitoring of assets
  • Automatic data capture

Cohen shared one of Ramp RFID’s success stories, executed on behalf of Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA), who were experiencing problems keeping track of their equipment. Only 58% of CCA’s equipment (coolers, vending machines etc.) had been sighted in the past 12 months, and the cost of the ‘lost’ equipment was increasing by about $500,000 per quarter. Ramp RFID installed 262 BLE sensors on equipment in the Sydney area that recorded temperature, light and movement. The beacon data was read by SaM, CCA’s existing iOS app that is used by their sales forces. It was also downloaded to a central data warehouse for analytics.

The results? The beacons proved to be significantly more effective than traditional sighting methods, and the temperature sensors detected many operational issues with the equipment that may not have been picked up by a human for some time. This information assists in predictive maintenance, which has the potential to save CCA lots of money. The beacons also open up the possibilities for customer engagement marketing down the track.

This is just one example of successful SET application; others include temperature sensing in construction, wear sensing is mining, humidity sensing in art galleries – the possibilities are endless. Bring on the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

CeBIT Australia Start-up Summary Report