In conversation with: Katherine Squire, General Manager, ASX

In conversation with: Katherine Squire, General Manager, ASX

We’re very excited to welcome Katherine Squire, General Manager, Application Development and DevOps at ASX to CeBIT 2017. Katherine will be our panellist on Future-proofing infrastructure for mobility and enterprise enablement during our Enterprise mobility conference. We were lucky enough to sit down with her before the event and have a chat about her path to the ASX, her passion for cultural transformation and why being the dancing lone nut is an important lesson for leaders.

How did you get to your current role?

Katherine: I started out as a software engineer, worked for Bankers Trust and Macquarie Bank, then worked in a boutique consulting firm, which was really interesting and exposed me to more things. Actually now I think about it, in the course of my career I’ve gone from technology to consulting to running a global product group.

I worked in that capacity at IRESS, an organisation that was very successful but was having trouble scaling – we were victims of our own success. I loved working there, they were an incredible bunch of people, with fascinating challenges. Then I moved back to Sydney and became really enamoured with the transformation that was taking place at the Securities Exchange. That’s what I love doing - making change, building a team that’s motivated and that’s as happy to come to work as I am.

What do you love most about working in technology?

Katherine: I love my team. I think most technologists that I’ve met have been really smart, funny people. It’s funny, it’s not the technology I love, it’s the people.

What is the most challenging part of working in this sector?

Katherine: Making sure that you’re up-to-date, the pace of change presents a huge challenge.

Name a book, podcast or presentation that has had an impact on your worldview. How has it changed your perspective?

Katherine: There’s a great, short TED talk called How to start a movement:

It only runs for three minutes. It’s a great analogy for leadership and talks about ‘the lone nut,’ the weird guy dancing on his own. It really made an impact on me, reminding me to keep dancing, because if I do, other people will follow. I also really like some of the things that Dan Pink writes and highly recommend Start With Why by Simon Sinek and Implementing Lean Software Development by Poppendieck.

What is the technology that will transform the world in the next 10 years?

Katherine: IoT. When it gets to the stage where everything gets integrated at home. At the moment only the geeks are doing it, I think that’s going to become all pervasive.

What’s the most valuable advice you’ve been given?

Katherine: The best revenge is a happy life.

Lastly, do you use an iPhone, Android or… other?

Katherine: iPhone, this is the product person in me coming out.

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