How to action your industry event ideas

how-to-turn-event-idaes-into-actions.pngAttending industry events is often an inspiring time. You meet people, new and old. You speak about business, what’s working and what’s not. You attend talks, seminars, pitches and networking events. And let’s not forget about checking out all of the new and innovative product stands - especially at technology events like CeBIT - where there’s always something interesting happening.

But what happens when you go back to the office? You have all these incredible ideas floating in your mind and the inspiration is flowing. What’s the next step? Nothing. Why? Because typically we get overwhelmed and lack time, money and resources to put the ideas into reality. But don’t let this be you. Don’t attend events and come back empty handed and without a focus.

This post gives you a broad overview of how you can turn your inspiration into action.

  • Keep it clear - Write your ideas down
    Whether you’re writing them in notes on your phone, or you’re writing in a small notebook, jot your ideas down so you don’t forget them. This is also a good way to remember the excitement and inspiration you felt at that moment, which can be a pick me up if things get tough. You want to do this because in a moment of inspiration everything is clear, sometimes our brains are so quick we’ve got it all mapped out already. It just clicks. Write it down so you won’t forget it later.

  • Evaluate how and why this is going to help your business
    Jot down why you need to be doing this and what it will bring to the business. When your ideas are clear for you, it will be a lot easier to explain to others who will be involved. Why is often what sets people back. Why are we even doing this? Sound familiar? You want to stop that thought pattern dead in its tracks and have the why sorted out before it’s questioned. 

  • Develop a project and get planning
    You know your business and you know who you need to speak with to get infomation you don’t already have. Get the information you need from these people and draft out your implementation plans on paper. Drawing it out on scrap paper is always a great way to start. Plan for setbacks as well, you won’t be able to plan for everything that could go wrong, but you will be able to identify some and prepare.

  • Be committed and positive
    Nothing’s easy, we all know this. You’re going to have critics and you’re going to need to be bold. Big projects, like implementing a new system into your organisation, is going to take time and commitment. As a leader, you need ensure the project is running smoothly and that your team are performing. Remaining committed, focusing on your end result and staying positive need to be key focuses for you and your team.
Industry events are one of the best ways to gather ideas to improve your business. But it’s turning those ideas into actions that make attending the events worth it in the long run. By following these steps you will have a lot clearer understanding of how to implement your ideas from an industry event.

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