How MyNetFone built a national business from one customer insight

How MyNetFone built a national business from one customer insight

MyNetFone is Australia’s leading provider of hosted voice and data communications.

However Cebit365-rene-sugo-headshot.jpgwhen CEO and Co-founder Rene Sugo first conceived the business in 2002, he had no means of predicting the company’s overwhelming success.

“It was pioneering days back then, so we didn't have a firm view on what success would look like. Broadband was just coming up and Voice over Internet (VoI) was green; it was difficult to use and required some tech skills. We wanted to explore this technology and make it accessible for everyone. We had a typical start-up mentality, we had an idea and wanted to see where the journey would take us,” he explains.

Their first product, a plug & play device that made it possible to make calls over the internet, achieved their goal of making the technology's adoption simple. Since that first innovation, the company has focused on creatively solving telecom challenges and grew beyond Rene’s wildest dreams.

Today the business has many products to its name and hosts a broad range of clients; from SMEs to enterprise to government. To cap it all off they’re a multi-award winning business (listing all of their achievements would be a task in itself), they’re a four time award winner of Deloitte Technology’s Fast 50 list and many others.

And demand won’t be slowing down anytime soon!

Cebit365-mynetfone-logo.pngThis is due to the fact that VoIP has become a pervasive technology - and still growing with the roll-out of NBN which will make all calls essentially VoIP. It’s ingrained within many products to help companies increase productivity, reduce costs and boost efficiency. In most instances consumers don't even realise they’re using it. It may be embedded within an app on a smartphone or computer, or a company they call may use internet telephony to record their interaction. The biggest current growth area for MyNetFone is the Virtual PBX hosted phone system that gives businesses owners the flexibility to connect multiple sites, professional call features and the scalability to add lines as their business grows. And it was originally launched at CeBIT!

As the technology is so flexible, there are endless possibilities as to how it can be adapted.

Thinking-out-the-box is where MyNetFone excels.

Rene says, “Way back in the day I actually used to be an engineer, so I’ve always enjoyed being creative and building things. Our team, lets us build things I couldn’t personally achieve; from networks, new products, and software projects. We come up with ideas and make it happen. I love that.”

One of MyNetFone’s distinguishing features is their depth of software knowledge. Rather than rely on offshore vendors, they build all of their own platforms from scratch. As such they have an intimate understanding of their products. This depth of knowledge helps them explore and implement creative solutions, as well as adapt their services to meet their customer's evolving needs.

“We like to develop a new product or idea every year, to coincide with CeBIT,” Rene states.

He goes on to explain, “We’ve been exhibiting for 11 years now and we’ve found that meeting prospective and current customers is the best way to validate a product. We can introduce an  idea, get feedback on it and then go back to the offices to perfect it. It’s a very collaborative and interactive experience that helps us revise and evolve our business.”

The program for 2017 has been announced! Find out more about the CeBIT Australia 2017 program here.

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