Exhibition sponsorship: How AV companies can stand out

Exhibition sponsorship: How AV companies can stand out amongst the crowd

Audio visual has become a staple in our lives. Everywhere we look there’s a big shiny screen bursting with information!
When we go to exhibitions and events there’s always the latest in tech there. But have you ever taken a second to think about the businesses behind the scenes? And how they got to where they are today?

Integrate AV

Integrate AV is an audio visual company that provides support to educational facilities and private and State exhibitions. Parviz Gouniai is the company’s managing director and he has always been passionate about the audio visual world. He started his career at a video repair company before quickly rising up the ranks. After working for both TAFE and in the corporate world he decided to branch out on his own.

Launching an AV business

In 2012, with the help of hard work, good friends and reliable staff he launched Integrate AV. Just 4 years later the business is no longer a determined one-man show. Business is booming and Parviz now has 11 staff and an annual turnover exceeding $3 million. When it comes down to it, Parviz said the secret to audio visual success is simply understanding the client’s needs.

The company initially had a focus on education. Integrate AV installed touch screens in classrooms for a number of educational institutions. However, as time went by, Parviz saw the opportunities that existed in the corporate world. His company now focuses its time on design, integration and implementation to make sure the clients AV needs and expectations are exceeded.

Aside from a loyal staff and incredible clients, the company’s greatest achievement to date is establishing the Integrate AV brand. Parviz believes reputation is everything and his company has achieved that through quality solutions, competitive pricing and after-sales service.  

Keeping ahead of trends

With new technology hitting the market every week it’s important to keep up with trends in AV. Parviz said by utilising trade shows such as CeBIT and Integrate, and with the help of great brand partners, the company evaluates new products, investigates new trends and adjusts their product range and methodology to offer the latest and most reliable on the market.

Integrate AV & CeBIT

Integrate AV is a CeBIT AV Sponsor. The company sponsors the event to show the brand stands for quality products, competitively priced solutions and implementation of those solutions. Parviz says his company chooses to sponsor CeBIT as it offers a broad base for potential clients, while also serving to showcase developments and trends in the industry.

“CeBIT continues to be the best and most pracIntegrate AV Managing Director Parviz Gouniaitical method for company’s such as Integrate AV to show their wares,” he says.

Making the decision to sponsor an event is an investment. Parviz says while this is the case, it’s more than the money. “Sponsoring any event is significant investment that requires courage, perseverance and support from your staff and your suppliers,” he says. “It also requires follow up after the show is over.” Without this approach you won’t see returns.

When considering sponsorship Integrate AV is always looking for a win-win result. And he says CeBIT’s delivered on that.

How to make a sponsorship standout and bring returns

Integrate AV’s sponsorship strategy is to visually and tactilely stand out. “We have been able to differentiate Integrate AV by involving our suppliers in our stands and giving them opportunities to showcase their products under the Integrate AV banner,” Parviz says. It’s an interesting tactic.

Exhibition sponsorship can bring you incredible returns if you approach it strategically.To discover more interesting tactics to help your exhibition booth stand out from the rest, download our handy ebook Exhibition sponsorship: Creative ways to secure a solid ROI. You’ll get incredible tips and practical advice.

Exhibition sponsorship: Creative ways to secure a solid ROI