Gimmick or game-changer? What new technologies you need for your business

Gimmick or game-changer? What new technologies you need for your business

When it comes to emerging technology sometimes certain things can just be a bit too pointless to ever be successful. Take the 2013 invention of air conditioned shoes by Japanese company Hydro-Tech, did you hear about it? Probably not.

In our increasingly digitally driven world, the opportunities to create incredible gadgets are limited only by our imagination. But that doesn’t mean everything coming on the market is worth your while. Before jumping to the next best tech tool, you need to spend some time thinking about what might work for your business and what just won’t. We at CeBIT have taken a look at three new-ish technologies and how in 2016, their emergence could be a game changer for your business.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality blends virtual reality and real life together to give a user an all encompassing experience - think Google Glass or Window’s HoloLens. It’s different from virtual reality - where everything is fictional.

The advancement in this technology, increasing competition and rapid adoption by developers and consumers alike, means prices for headsets are going down rapidly. This is a big advantage for businesses who want to use the new technology to show off products, models and ideas as close to real life as possible. Augmented Reality technology will take off for businesses in the next few years, especially when businesses are trying to work collaboratively and bring products to life.


3D printing

While not a brand new technology, the drastic reduction in price and size of a 3D printer will change the way many businesses operate going forward. There’s no need for modelling and prototyping to be an expensive and time consuming exercise when you can just print it or draw it in minutes.

Businesses will benefit from this constantly evolving technology and will see it play a major part of everyday business, compared to just 24 months ago when the cost of a 3D printer was well out of reach for most.



Wearable technology is popping up everywhere and was predicted to be the next big thing awhile back. And despite criticism and being called pointless technology, here in 2016 you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t got a Fitbit or a smartwatch of some sort. While Apple Watch got off to a rocky start, recent innovation, updates and price drops for both Apple and Android mean business in this area of tech is going to grow.

Apple Watch

Why are they relevant for your business? Wearables mean everyday mundane activities, like paying for your groceries, paying to get on public transport and turning off the light switch, are now becoming even easier. Apple Pay lets Apple Watch users pay for their items by holding the watch next to a contactless reader. Wearable tech isn’t a fad - it’s here to stay because humans constantly seek the path of least resistance, and wearable tech makes life more convenient. We don’t even have to get our phones out of pockets or bags to check our messages and emails anymore thanks to these, and if there’s an opportunity for your business to take advantage of it, jump on now because competition will heat up quickly.

Emerging technology hits the market every other day, but not all of it is innovative. It’s important not to discount ideas as worthless before they get their full run, but rather approach new technology with the question of “how can we use this to make our customer and employee’s lives easier?”. Having an open mind is also important when trying to decide what software would best suit your business. To get a better idea, download our free ebook How to choose the right software for your business and stay ahead of the pack!

What emerging tech do you think we should know about? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll write about it in an upcoming post.

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