Industry report: digital economy created 40,000 ICT jobs in 2 years

Australian Computer Society - Digital Pulse launch

Australia’s digital economy is experiencing a boom, with 40,000 ICT jobs created in just two years and ICT services exports up 12% to $2.8b. These insights were released in Australia’s Digital Pulse report that was officially launched by Deloitte Access Economics and the Australian Computer Society (ACS) at CeBIT Australia 2017. With an emphasis on growth, the report highlights that the adoption of digital technologies has lifted Australia’s GDP by 6.6% over the previous decade, meaning that each Australian is $4,663 a year better off (in 2016 dollars).

Australia’s Digital Pulse outlines some of the key policy priorities that will need to be addressed to fuel Australia’s digital workforce boom. The findings were introduced to the audience by a panel of industry thought leaders from Deloitte Access Economics, Japan LinkedIn, ACS and the  Australian Cyber Security Growth Network.

The report further highlights 81,000 new ICT jobs are needed by 2022 to fuel technology-led growth into the future.

The digital policy ‘to-do’ list for governments includes:

  1. Build digital communities to facilitate collaboration and innovation
  2. Continued support for digital skills development in education
  3. Build local talent and support skill needs with appropriate skilled migration
  4. Strengthen Australia’s cyber security capabilities
  5. Accelerate efforts toward open data
  6. Ongoing digital transformation in government
  7. Respond to technology-related workforce disruption
  8. Improve measures to the digital economy and workforce
  9. Adequate access to digital infrastructure for regional business
  10. Creation of a 5G policy in Australia
  11. Strengthen Australia’s R&D tax incentives
  12. Support small businesses, start-ups and innovation in government procurement
  13. Adopt a ‘fair use’ approach to copyright

Download the Australia’s Digital Pulse report to gain complete insight on the impact of digital technologies on the economy. 


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