How apps present a way to re-think your business strategy and customer approach


Mobile applications account for more than half of Internet usage.

It’s no wonder businesses are moving towards them. As CeBIT speaker Damon Pezaro, Domain Group’s Chief Product Officer says it presents a way to re-think your business strategy and customer approach. And forward-thinking businesses are beginning to do just that. Mr Pezaro says Domain’s property search app has seen significant growth as the the app supplements desktop usage and has helped turn property search into “always on”.

Domain has completely turned the idea of home buying on its head with its innovative app. Mr Pezaro says it comes down to one important question for him and his team: How do we provide property hunters with information they need when they need it most?

The app aims to better the home buyer’s journey to home ownership. There are four stages of the home buying journey according to Mr Pezaro, and the app looks after the buyer for the first three. The average time to complete the first three stages is twelve months.

  1. Dreaming
  2. Researching
  3. Serious buying
  4. Settlement 

Domain’s app gives home buyers access to data on the go, they can search houses with filters to meet their criteria on both smartphones and other smart devices. But the app goes a step further and allows a user to take notes and see where the closest school is. It’s also fully integrated with Google Now and is becoming more and more intuitive everyday. A user can simply say Ok Google, show me inspection times for houses around me and they will be presented with the available options. It makes use of smart notifications; if an inspection time has changed, a push notification is sent directly to the user.

The next step is Domain Check-In. It’s a move to assist agents provide a more personalised experience for home buyers. The home buyer's information is sent directly to the agent when they check-in at an inspection. The agent then has the opportunity to leverage this, by providing an inspection experience in line with the buyer’s wants and needs. It also means no paper, a big win, considering 60% of agents still use paper and pen at inspections.

And in other innovative steps forward, Domain is working closely with Facebook integrations. This week they did their first ever Facebook Live Stream home inspection. The app is also fully integrated with Facebook chat, a first for any Australian company. Users can now get assistance with property search through the app. It even makes use of geo-location and provides information about the surrounding properties on the market.

According to Pezaro the proof is in the pudding and it’s not just users who are impressed with the app. Recently it was awarded Best Design Champion at the 2015 Australian Mobile and App design awards. It was also featured at Google IO Showcase, the industry giant’s developer conference, and Facebook’s F8 conference. And it’s the highest rated app in the real estate category with more than 20,000 user reviews.

What’s next? It depends on customer needs. By Domain noticing a very strong upward trend in app traffic they were able to leverage user's wants and needs in order to provide an innovative app that assists buyers on their journey to home ownership.

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