3 cloud start-ups solving big IT problems

3 cloud start-ups solving big IT problemsEvery day there’s a start-up offering a new cloud app, platform or service. They claim to be the new best-in-class, revolutionary proponents for radical innovation. While most of these will inevitably fail, some will establish themselves as unicorns among horses. Here are three cloud start-ups for those looking to scope the competition, keep up to date with the latest cloud tech or to just be inspired.

Super storage action

There’s a lot of data out there. A recent study found that 90% of all data has been created in the last two years. 80% of all stored data is written once and never accessed again. This takes up a huge chunk of IT storage budgets.

Cloud start-up infinite io has created a solution to automatically control and manage the massive growth of inactive data. infinite io installs transparently in front of storage as a network-based controller and intelligently migrates inactive data to-low-cost cloud storage.

infinite ioinfinite io can be installed in a passive mode which uses industry standards to collect data from your operating environment and calculates expected savings. The solution displays data activity which allows you to locate active and inactive data sets. There is also an active mode which speeds up storage performance by using flash memory. infinite io will cut your data storage costs and improve the operational performance of your systems. Once you have your storage organised, you need a way to protect it.

Time travel cloud security

Cyber security is a pervasive concern for all businesses. Those with malicious intent continue to innovate and threaten the integrity of operations. A start-up has seen the problem and created ProtectWise. It’s an enterprise security platform that can do some incredible things with a futuristic HUD to boot.


It runs on a cloud-based infrastructure that uses Amazon AWS for storage and processing. It boasts a time machine for threat detection that works similar to a DVR. ProtectWise is built on network sensors and an analytics platform. These sensors monitor and record all data traffic and stream it directly to the cloud platform. The data is stored and threat analysis is conducted in real-time.

How does this help an already compromised system? ProtectWise allows you to playback the traffic from each sensor, going back as far as needed for analysis. This means you’re able to identify if, when, where and how your system was exploited. The platform also has a built-in predictive threat protection with a constantly updated database for an extra layer of security.


The proof of concept stage can be a game-changer for start-ups. It’s when founders gain a better understanding of their product’s scalability while showcasing its potential to investors. The process, however, is quite complex. Proof of concepts are usually done on testing environments which require costly transitions into live ones. Enterprises may not view the demonstrations as true indicators of functionality. Key decision makers are seldom involved and a lack of a communication channel can leave the product in a state of bureaucratic limbo. ProoV is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that seeks to rectify these problems.


If you know your product is ready for pilot testing, a quick search on ProoV will help you locate global enterprises that are interested in everything your software solution has to offer. Once an enterprise accepts a pilot on the platform, you receive their full request for proposal, their system specs and a remote connection to their testing environment. The platform also provides a direct messaging channel to each enterprise. ProoV alleviates the distress of failed communications, testing environment connects and RFP acquisition.

Cloud power

Entrepreneurs keep coming up with new ways to use cloud technology. Creating something great doesn’t require the resources or the sheer scale of tech behemoths like Google. These start-ups tackled issues that have always been pervasive through the tech industry – storage, security and testing – and came up with cloud solutions to address them. As these start-ups have shown, cloud technology has opened the floodgates to technical innovations once deemed utterly unfeasible.

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