CeBIT Start-up PitchFest


It was a formidable arena at the CeBIT Start-up PitchFest, as start-ups vied for top position. Chaired by Nitin Singhi, vice president and director of TiE Sydney, the event was judged by three tough but fair judges: Steve Baxter, founder of River City Labs and one of the ‘sharks’ on Shark Tank Australia; Dennis Silvers, a board member of TiE Sydney; and Brad Rosser, co-founder of BSF Group and a director of TiE Sydney.

While there were many exciting and innovative ideas, there could only be one winner. The start-ups that took out the top prizes:


3rd prize: Shippit

Did you know that one in two parcels in Australia fail to meet their recipient in the first delivery? Shippit aims to eliminate the need for ‘Sorry we missed you’ slips that are so frustrating to customers. It is the web’s simplest shipping platform, and connects retailers to several different carriers so that the best carrier can be allocated to a parcel. All carriers are consolidated into a single, simple view. Customers get regular notifications about their delivery, and can even livetrack where it is. There are flexible delivery options, and customers can rate their delivery to help improve algorithms. Shippit has shown that their platform saves retailers 40% in costs, and reduces customer complaints by 90%. Shippit boasts an approval rating of 99.1%.



2nd prize: Blrt

How many times have you wasted time playing phone tag with a work colleague or client? Or spent several minutes trying to explain a difficult visual problem over the phone? Blrt is a collaboration app that aims to solve these issues, and more. You can easily send an image, website or document and talk, point and draw over what you’re sending to make your point crystal clear. Communications can by asynchronous, so you can reply at whatever time most suits you. The ‘blrts’ are like videos, but better, and 50 times smaller, which allows them to be recorded and stored in the cloud, so you can access them later should you need to refer back to them. It has been rolled out over several platforms including iOS and Chrome.



And the winner is… NetHealth

Chronic diseases have been called Australia’s largest healthcare issue. NetHealth is an app that aggregates your health data to help you manage your chronic condition. You can input these details manually or the app can sync seamlessly with any wireless devices you might be using, like FitBit. The data can also be sent directly to your GP, to help your doctor diagnose and monitor your condition.

Keep an eye out for these companies, as you’ll no doubt be hearing much about them in the coming months.

CeBIT Australia Start-up Summary Report