From the silver screen to CeBIT: a story of AV transformation

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Few technology-based companies can say they have a rich history of 87-years, but global visual displays and audio technologies giant Christie can.christie_digital_logo.pngMichael Bosworth, Christie’s Australian and Indian branch general manager, says the company actually got its pedigree in the movie industry - dating back all the way to the early Hollywood days.

“It was one of the original companies to manufacture projectors that went into all of the cinemas,” he says.

“It’s really been in the forefront of delivering images onto screens.”

Yet, the world of audiovisual technologies has evolved drastically since Katharine Hepburn and Greta Garbo graced the silver screen. Christie has had to remain innovative to continue to make waves in a market increasingly driven by B2B companies in demand for digital solutions. Mike_Bosworth_portrait_1.jpgThe company’s main focus has always been to help its customers create and deliver the world’s best-shared experiences, no matter the industry.

“We supply a lot of data mining centres in the oil and gas sector where they need high resolution images,” Mr Bosworth says.

“You will also find a lot of our technology in the medical industry - particularly in simulation and process control.”

Rapid advancements in technology enable them to produce 3D stereoscopic projectors, 4K projectors and even laser projection systems for the company’s wide and diverse client base.

As a first-time CeBIT sponsor and exhibitor, Mr Bosworth said he’s excited to interact with customers and potential customers, which is a rare treat as Christie typically sells through partners.

“So we sell an enormous amount of products every year, but we don't necessarily know exactly where it goes to; which homes they’re sitting in,” he says.

“What I’m hoping to get out of CeBIT and what I’m quite excited about, is actually having a stand where more of our customers and users will attend.

“We can get the chance to talk to them, interact with them, and let them see what products we have in our range. It’s really a forum for us to meet more of the people that are using our products.”

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