Beyond the pen: 8 fun giveaway ideas for tech exhibitions

8 fun giveaway ideas for tech exhibtions

In a tech exhibition filled with marvels, it is getting harder and harder to stand out from the crowd, let alone be remembered after the event. Given the time, energy and effort that goes into preparing your exhibition, you want to be sure that your showing gives your business bang for its buck.

CeBIT exhibitionA small but very effective way of ensuring that you have an offering that lingers long after exhibition is to have a great giveaway. The great news about giveaways is that they don’t need to be extravagant or expensive. According to the 2016 Global Advertising Specialties Impressions study, consumers are 72% more likely to keep something if it’s useful.

This percentage goes further up if the product looks good and is ‘enjoyable to have’. And while the study suggests that pens are a perennial favourite, they don’t exactly excite the imagination and equate your brand with ‘boundary-pushing’.

Instead let’s push the pen aside and focus on clever, shiny and targeted giveaways that are sure to delight your audiences. Here are 8 that will hit the mark.

Take care of people’s needs

Exhibitions, whether you’re attending, presenting or exhibiting tend to be a whirlwind of travel activity and networking. During the event, you can be memorable by anticipating the things attendees may have forgotten in this busy time.

1. People need to eat

The problem with providing a food giveaway is that the attendees only experience it once. However, people do forget to eat at these events, so if you provide a delicious, funny and memorable treat, you’ve created an excellent talking point, obliterated someone’s hunger pains and established a great networking opportunity.

Giveaway exhibition food


2. Care package

Being indoors all day with many people can create various aches and pains, so why not create a little care package for your stall? Depending on budget, you can include things like bottles of water, hand-wipes and band-aids.

Care package


3. Lip balm

Given that attendees are spending the majority of their time in air-conditioned room, lip balm is a very savvy giveaway. Not only is the product attractive, but it is something that can be used over a course of time. You can also get creative with the colours and packaging.

Lip balm

4. Hand sanitiser

You will be doing a lot of networking over the course the event, and when combined with the amount of travelling involved, sickness is only a hop, skip and sniff away. Given the amount of close proximity and hand-shaking, hand sanitiser is a handy and very useful little gift.

Hand sanitiser


Everyday uses

The other type of giveaway is the one that’s use is immediately evident, yet will (hopefully) remain with the attendee long after the curtains have closed on the exhibition.

5. Headphones

It’s always good to have a spare pair of headphones around the home or office, especially if you’re in the habit of chronically losing them. Or, you may have travelled to the exhibition and forgot to grab yours. In any case, earphones are a great, handy giveaway.


6.Tablet stylus pen

This is a high-end bit of kit that attendees love. It is seriously cool and techy and will be used long after the exhibition. However, if you are going down this route, be careful to ensure that the tablet pen looks good and is of good quality. Keep the branding discreet.

Tablet stylus pen


7.Touch screen cloth

Given that most of us are forever hopping from one device to another, this is probably one of the most useful (and cheaper) options you can provide. Easily stored into a pocket, desk drawer or handbag the touch screen cloth provides many opportunities for brand exposure and has a longer shelf life.

touch screen cloth


8.Mobile charger

This is one of our favourites. Everyone is always on the quest to have their devices optimally charged at all times. Whether you’re at the exhibition, or need something for the car, this is a super useful giveaway that attendees will snap up and continue to use well after the exhibition.

mobile charger


Key takeaways

No matter what product you decide to go with, you need to ensure that the giveaway follows the following rules:

  • Keep your branding discreet and classy — no one wants a product with a large company name emblazoned all over it
  • But remember to have your branding on there (this might sound obvious, but we’ve seen businesses who’ve had great offering but left their branding off)
  • Make sure the product looks great
  • Ensure that your product has a purpose

We hope this post has inspired you to think outside the square when it comes to ordering giveaways for your next exhibition. Got some leads from your last event, but not sure how to follow up? Download The Ultimate guide to converting event leads to sales now.

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