Policy priorities to fuel Australia’s digital workforce boom to be revealed at CeBIT


The contribution of digital technologies to the Australian economy is forecast to grow from $79 billion in 2014 to $139 billion in 2020.

Nothing is creating as much impact for consumers, workers, businesses and the broader economy than digital technology.

But how do we know this? Because the Australian Computer Society (ACS) and Deloitte Access Economics work together to release a thought-provoking report known as Australia's Digital Pulse. Since 2015 the report has provided business, government and media with insights into the strengths, challenges and opportunities of the digital economy. The first two editions delivered ground-breaking insights, forecasts and commentary into areas such as employment, education, workforce development, skills and talent requirements that will impact or help to transform Australia’s economy.

In 2017, ACS’ national launch of the third edition of Australia’s Digital Pulse: Policy priorities to fuel Australia’s digital workforce boom will be held at CeBIT Australia 2017’s Showfloor Theatre B, in the main exhibition hall, on Wednesday May 24 at 6pm.

This edition will feature new data, new insights and deeper analysis - particularly in the area of government policy and skills. The ACS has again collaborated with LinkedIn. The social network for professionals has contributed unique data to the report and this year, more extensive information that has not previously been analysed in the Australian market will be at your fingertips.

The ACS encourages you to attend the 2017 Australia’s Digital Pulse: Policy priorities to fuel Australia’s digital workforce boom. You will need to be at Showfloor Theatre B in the main exhibition hall on Wednesday 24th May at 6pm. To get access all you need to do is hold a valid exhibition visitor pass. Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation The Hon Angus Taylor MP will welcome all guests.

Following the unveiling of the new insights will be a panel session moderated by Andrew Johnson, Chief Executive Officer from the ACS.

The panel will host key contributors and experts in key areas of the report including John O’Mahony, Partner, Deloitte Access Economics; Nick O’Donnell, Director of Public Policy and Government Affairs, APAC - LinkedIn; Michelle Price, Chief Operating Officer, Australian Cyber Security Growth Network; and Anthony Wong, President, ACS.

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