9 time-saving technology solutions for developers

The 9 time-saving technology solutions for mobile app developers

There’s no doubt that smartphones have completely transformed our lives. According to a Nielsen study, Australians spend 34 hours and 55 minutes per month consuming digital content on their mobile phone. What’s more, a survey found 85 per cent of our smartphone usage is in-app. And with this, the need for app developers is growing - so much so that even celebrities are endorsing scholarships to learn to code.

When it comes to developing apps you want to be on top of your game in all respects. You need to be efficient and produce quality code that’s bug free. This is made significantly easier when you have the right tools to help you do it.

In this post we take a look at the best mobile app development solutions and integrated development environments out there for both iOS and Android developers. 


In 2014 Apple introduced Swift as it’s preferred programming language. It runs alongside C, Objective-C and C++. Here are 5 solutions you should be looking at to help improve your code and workflow.

Cost: $19.90 p/m
AppCode is a IDE used by many coders due to its efficient project navigation. You can move to any file, class or symbol in your project through the hierarchical structure views. It also has two types of smart completion to make coding easier and more efficient.

Cost: $14.99
CodeRunner is a Mac specific programming editor. It doesn’t just support Swift though - you can use it to code 23 languages and it can be extended to support more. The latest version enables you to set breakpoints and step through code line-by-line - a big help when your code isn't working.

Cost: Free
If you’re just starting out or you’re in a very big rush, RunSwiftLang is a simple in-browser read–eval–print loop (REPL) which lets you test your Swift code. It does have limitations; you can’t import arbitrary models - but you can test simple snippets. It was created by Julius Parishy of Jaymobile.

Cost: Free
Jaymobile also developed this in-browser app to easily test your push notifications. Once you’ve developed your certificate in Keychain Access of the Apple Developer Portal, you can upload it to the web interface and test. You can specify the APS alert value, the data-available APS value, and send a custom JSON payloads.

Cost: Free
Another worthy REPL, Swift Stub let’s you run your code by simply typing and waiting 3 seconds.

Want to scrub up on your Swift skills?

Android (Java and React)

Java is the official language for Android development. Here are 4 solutions to help you save time and code better.

  1. Android Studio
    Cost: Free
    Android Studio is the official IDE for Android. It’s purpose built to help you develop quality apps for every Android device. The tool included are railed for Android developers and include rich code editing, testing, debugging and profiling tools. The studio is free!

  2. ReactNative
    Cost: Free
    While not a tool, this framework will help you write JavaScript that easily hooks into any native operating system functionality. The aim of React Native is to support both iOS and Android from the once codebase. If you’re not already all over this development by Facebook, you should be.

  3. Video Studio Code
    Cost: Free
    Video Studio Code is a source code editor that supports many languages. It’s a favourite amongst the coding community because if it’s sophisticated smart completion functionality. It completes code based on variable type function definitions and imported modules. This paired with the debugging, built-in git and extensions make it a powerful editor.

  4. Appcelerator
    Cost: From $36 p/m
    Appcelerator enables you to develop native apps, mobile APIs and get real-time analytics from the one platform. With the single JavaScript codebase you can develop native mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows.

Developing mobile apps for different platforms can be a tedious task, as the two most popular platforms require a knowledge of different coding languages. Hopefully some of the tools we’ve listed here will help increase your workflow and make your life a little easier. We’d love you to share your favourite coding tools with us. Please let us know in the comments below or Tweet us: @CeBITAus.

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