5 tips for irresistible exhibition booth design


In a finite space filled with dozens of other stalls, it can be very difficult to shine. Recently, we talked about how giveaways can delight attendees at your exhibition booth, but the issue still remains: you’ve got to get them there first! With booth designs getting bigger, better and more elaborate all the time, ensuring that your stall is as obvious as a peacock in a chicken coop can a very difficult feat to pull off.


peacock among chickens

Today we’re looking at ways to make sure your stall stands loud and proud in an exhibition space.

1. Make it relevant to your ideal customer

As in life, what will attract one person will deter another. Your stall should act as a siren song to those you know will love your offering. A big part of figuring out how to determine who this is (if you’ve not already done it) is by mapping your ideal personas. Persona mapping is the process used to establish:

  • Who might be buying your product?
  • What are the challenges and frustrations in their lives?
  • How would your product improve their life?

It might seem obvious but knowing who your ideal customer is, will help you refine and justify your design choices (even down to the colours you use) and ensure that you’re  attracting the right people — the ones who are more likely to be interested in your product.

2. Don’t gild the lily

As tempting as it is to kit out your stand with graphics, whizz-bang tech, slogans and colours, less is more. Stick with one compelling hook, be it a great slogan, or your amazing product and use your stall to showcase it.  A bold, eye-catching colour is always arresting, but reign it in. You do not want to have a booth that looks jarring.

Samsung booth

The above Samsung example looks really impressive because they have limited themselves to three design choices: the shape, the scope and the screens. The clever designers behind this stall haven’t been afraid to keep the space clear and simple with a crisp colour palette. The subtle use of pink and yellow stand out amongst the white space and draw your eye into the focal points. Very restrained, yet it is still very bold and welcoming.

3. Great lighting

Lighting is a vital component to creating the mood for your booth and definitely an element you should prioritise. The example below has used lighting to draw attention to their branding. The shape, colour and brightness immediately generate interest. What is particularly striking is that they have limited the lighting to several focal points, which draws the eye and lures the bystander.

Great lighting

4. Think about your materials

Your materials should reflect what you are trying to achieve as a brand and make you stand out from your competitors. Once again, it’s not necessarily about how much money you spend, but how you approach the challenge of being creative and unique.

When Marketer Puneet Bhatnagar was asked about the most striking booth he had built at a trade show he cited:

‘Once in a construction industry trade fair we didn't raise a stall at all. Instead we put a team who did a mock drill of constructing a brick and mortar structure for about 3 days. In the glitter of neon signs and colorful exhibits it became a clutter breaker ... it got everyone talking. [We were] also awarded the best exhibit for the trade fair.’

Doing something different, and creating a talking point can be much more powerful than being big.

5. Make your product the star

This may be obvious, but so often exhibitors are so focused on standing out, they forget that good design is all about making your product shine.

This is particularly relevant in the tech space, where there is a lot of exciting stuff happening.


If your product is interactive, make that the drawing card. Put it front and centre (and make it clear that you want people to play with it) so passers-by can’t help themselves but come over and interact with it.

Not only does this generate interest and excitement, but in a space where it can be difficult to explain the functions of a complex product, you are empowering prospective customers to learn (in the best possible way) about how great your product is.

We hope that these idea inspire you to greater and more creative design heights. If you would like to learn more about how to make the most of your tradeshow investment, download  The ultimate guide to converting leads into sales today.

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