10 tech blogs and forums you need to know about

10 tech blogs and forums you need to know aboutThe rate at which technology is advancing is a double-edged sword for software engineers.

On one hand, many developments are the first of their kind – making pioneering exciting work. However on the flip-side, this means a lot of developments are also unprecedented; so information for software projects is sometimes hard to come by.

If you ever find yourself in need of info we recommend turning to the online developer community. Share the power and draw from each other's experience.

Here are our favourite online communities. These 10 tech blogs and forums will help you easily find, upskill, and share, news and knowledge, so you can get on with the important stuff.

1. Toptal

This well-rounded resource makes our list for its frequent publishing and high quality content that ranges from in-depth tutorials, trend breakdowns and new technology announcements. All content is written by Toptal’s developers so you can rest assured that they know what they’re talking about.

2. CodeBetter

If you want to stay on top of .NET-based-languages this one is a must read. Skewed towards improving the skills of advanced programmers, this blog focuses primarily on Microsoft technologies. The site features extensive coding snippets, Q&A threads, comprehensive methodology analysis and explores to-the-minute groundbreaking techniques.

3. StackExchange

If you have a question, general or specialised, StackExchange is the place to ask it. The site’s format revolves around Q&A threads so answers are extremely specific – as opposed to long-winded forum discussions. To ensure quality responses the site uses a voting system so that only relevant answers will be displayed front and centre.

4. Hacker News

Hacker News is another Q&A forum – this one the brainchild of the YCombinator venture fund. It’s teeming with useful threads and insights from their entrepreneur community. If you’re after a creative out-of-the-box approach this is the resource for you.

5. Pontikis

On Pontikis you’ll find breaking news in web technology alongside how-tos and tutorials. While this blog covers a range of languages author Christos Pontikis’ insights on PHP, jQuery and MySQL are top notch.

6. ProgrammableWeb

ProgrammableWeb is one of, if not THE, leading sources of news and info about APIs. They have an incredible post frequency that traverses a range of topics.  With a directory of over 14,328 APIs, whitepapers, news articles and various tips and tricks it’s a safe bet you’ll find what you need here.

7. Tweako

Chock a block of useful guides and tutorials, Tweako relies on user-generated content. More social platform than forum, this site allows developers to submit whatever content they wish; whether it be content covering their own experiences or simply asking questions.

8. CSS tricks

Ok so this resource is highly specialised, but as any web developer can attest to, CSS can be highly complex - hence it’s inclusion here. So if you want tricks and techniques on Cascading Style Sheets look no further than CSS tricks.

9. Codrops

This web design and development blog publishes useful articles and tutorials on the latest web trends, up-and-coming techniques and (somewhat experimental) JavaScript, CSS and HTML tutorials. It’s a great multi-language resource for web designers and developers.

10. The Daily WTF

This blog is worth checking out for its sense of humour alone. However, if personal development is more your style and you actually want to be productive, you can arm yourself with a plethora of how-not-to tips for developing software. All while having a good chuckle of course!

That’s it folks. We’re interested – where do you turn when you’re in need of some info? We’re always looking to expand our list so if you’ve got a source to add please share away in our comment section below.

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