CeBIT Conferences 2017 

CeBIT Conferences 2017 

3 reasons why Israel is the start-up nation to watch

21 Apr 2017

When you think of areas where innovation and start-ups are rife, it’s usually places like Silicon Valley and countries such as South Korea and Singapore that spring to mind most readily. 

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How government agencies can embrace the potential of blockchain

28 Mar 2017

Ever wanted to know how blockchain technology can reduce fraud? Or better yet, how governments around the globe are implementing the technology for better digital services? Well the GovInnovate Team has you covered.

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Collaboration and innovation: The evolution of the Digital Marketplace Australia

22 Mar 2017

Catherine Thompson was happy and fulfilled in her role at a promising start-up when the Digital Transformation Office (now Agency) approached her to head up the Digital Marketplace.

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Innovation: How Australia Post keeps up with consumer demands today and into the future

20 Mar 2017

In the lead-up to CeBIT Australia 2017, we had a chance to catch up with Gold Sponsor Australia Post to discover how they are innovating their services to keep up with today’s consumer expectations and demands. Read on as Regis Bauchiere, General Manager, Identity Solutions of Australia Post, tells us what we can expect from Australia Post in the next few years.

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3 different approaches to digital government

16 Mar 2017

Digital delivery does not come without its challenges. Culture, processes and the digital skills required to use new technologies are just a few of the hurdles digital project teams need to mull over before they seek to transform important services.

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[Presentation] Open data, access and policy shaping

15 Mar 2017

With the emergence of three separate policy units related to public data, it can be difficult to understand the ins and outs of data policy within the framework of digital government.

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4 grants and programs your small business should be applying for

14 Mar 2017

Starting your own business takes passion and perseverance, we’ve heard this time and time again. But it also takes cash. And, depending on the business you’re in, it might take a lot.

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6 key ways government agencies can leverage their data

13 Mar 2017

As government’s begin to ride the wave of innovation, it will be important for departments across federal, state and local levels to make sense of these vast and complex new sets of information.

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4 key global digital government milestones you should know about

10 Mar 2017

You could easily be fooled into believing governments going digital is a new fad. Everything nowadays has an ‘i’ or an ‘e’ in front of it.

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Australia’s 4 most influential government CIOs

10 Mar 2017

The role of the CIO has become broader in the last few decades. They need to take on more, often with smaller budgets, managing both internal and external stakeholders. These challenges can be amplified in the public sector.

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[Video] Digital transformation in Bangladesh

09 Mar 2017

Building a workforce capable of delivering digital projects, while also ensuring infrastructure is up to scratch for the latest technologies is no small task.

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How governments can mitigate the effects of antisocial online behaviour

27 Feb 2017

Our mobile devices have made our lives handy.

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Behind the mask: the rise of hacktivism

13 Feb 2017

In the first industrial revolution, a group of angered weavers and textile workers were made redundant, losing their livelihoods to technology that could do the job quicker and more efficiently.

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The dark side of technology: The World Economic Forum’s 2017 report on AI

30 Jan 2017

The 2015 mystery Ex Machina explores the dark relationship between an AI creation, her maker and a programmer unwittingly brought in to be a test subject in the maker’s experiment:

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How government agencies can balance innovation and privacy concerns with cloud computing

17 Jan 2017

At the Cloud and Computing Expo in 2010, Andrew Solomon then the A/G Assistant Commissioner at the OIAC gave a presentation about opportunities and challenges that cloud technology would present for government agencies and for citizens.

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The Digital Marketplace: Unlocking opportunities for Australian SMEs

28 Dec 2016

In March 2016 the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) launched its Digital Transformation initiative.

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[Presentation] Building a digital services platform

08 Dec 2016

The Department of Human Services' Chief Technology Officer, Charles McHardie AM delivered a thought provoking presentation at eGovernment 2016 @ CeBIT. His presentation focused on how to recreate an organisation where its 'services are shaped' around the public. 

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The digital literacy skills schools must be teaching students

29 Nov 2016

When adults meet children for the first time, they love to ask them the question: What do you want to be when you grow up?

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Electronic voting in Australia: The problem with digitising democracy

15 Nov 2016

The internet allows us to shop, bank, work, sign contracts, apply for loans, pay bills and do our taxes all from the privacy of our own homes.

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Looking to the future: The program for CeBIT Australia 2017 is here!

14 Oct 2016

We are looking to the future with the launch of our CeBIT Australia 2017 agenda. As the largest and longest running technology conference and exhibition in the Asia-Pacific, we pride ourselves on bringing together a diverse array of experts from around the world.

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The 30-minute city: How smart city technology will get us there

31 Aug 2016

In March this year, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull shared a dream with various members of the media.

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How big data is changing policy making

16 Aug 2016

Big data is rapidly becoming the cornerstone for major decision-making for businesses and governments.

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How South Korea became the most innovative country and what we can learn from it

01 Aug 2016

Fostering innovation is paramount to sustaining an abundant economy. Governments world-wide know this.

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Life after Brexit and the Australian election: How reliable is polling data?

18 Jul 2016

In the last few weeks we have seen two very different examples of how technology, polling and data

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Transforming to drive growth in a digital economy

04 May 2016

Australia Post has come a long way over the past 5 years, having had to cope with large social, economic and digital changes. But they are now fitter and more agile than ever.

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Digital transformation to give ADF competitive warfare edge

03 May 2016

To gain a competitive advantage in the information age the Australian Defence Force will have to undergo a complete culture change in the way it approaches digital and information technology.

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ATO moving toward digitalisation at a fast pace

03 May 2016

Things should just happen automatically, that’s the main aim of the Australian Taxation Office’s move to the digital space.

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Government ministerial keynote address

02 May 2016

If one word could sum up this morning’s opening address given by the Hon. Mike Baird, Premier of NSW and Clover Moore, Lord Mayor of Sydney, it is collaboration.

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The worldwide classroom: How technology will change the education landscape

14 Apr 2016

In the not-so-distant past, the Australian classroom was a very different place.

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What digital transformation means for government agencies

05 Apr 2016

Most public service agencies know that they need to get must make digitisation a key priority and quickly.

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Can technology improve democratic participation?

29 Feb 2016

The below excerpt from Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg address has long been held as the hallmark of a functioning democracy, not only in its place of origin, the United States, but across the world.

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The changing role of ICT in emergency and disaster response

19 Feb 2016

Boxing day 2004: in the haze of post-Christmas indulgence, the news of a tsunami started to trickle

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IoT: what it means for government and citizens

09 Feb 2016

Once the outlandish dream of sci-fi writers and mad men, the age of intelligent systems has not only arrived, it has been invited into the home. 

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Planning smart cities with big data

11 Dec 2015

These days city planners have more access to data than ever before. Did you know that up until 2003 civilisation created only 5 exabytes (that’s a quintillion if you were wondering) of data? By the end of 2012 the same amount of information was being created every two days.

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Digital Metamorphosis: how governments can cater to the changing needs of their citizens

27 Nov 2015

Government sectors stand at a crossroad.

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Service NSW paves the way for government tech integration

03 Nov 2015

Owen Lansbury has more than two decades experience leading award-winning interactive teams for a range of international web development firms.

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CeBIT Australia: Shaping the business technology landscape

21 Oct 2015

IP telephony, cable modems and biometrics - those were the topics shaping the business technology landscape in 2001 when CeBIT Australia opened its doors for the very first time.

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How digital technologies are changing public service delivery

15 Oct 2015

The Australian Government - along with many other governments worldwide - has recognised this imperative and made the digitalisation of public service delivery a top priority for 2015.

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CeBIT Conferences 2017