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Best of the rest from CeBIT PitchFest 2018

23 May 2018

You already know Ping Data won a hotly contested CeBIT PitchFest 2018, pipping runners-up Littlescribe and BenchOn to first place. But what about the other seven start-ups selected as finalists? What innovative ideas did they share?

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AI the future of insurance and underwriting….

16 May 2018

UTS Advanced Analytics Institute (AAI) is collaborating with ANZ-OnePath, one of Australia’s leading providers of wealth, insurance and advice solutions, to harness advances in machine learning, data science and predictive analytics to do things differently…

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Preparing and transforming technology to access cost effective, scalable and lean results

14 Jul 2017

What qualities does an effective IT leader need to create lasting and dynamic change?

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Balancing security, privacy and insight on how to best manage healthcare data

12 Jul 2017

As many speakers touched on at the recent CeBIT digital healthcare conference, those who work with healthcare data have to walk a fine line between privacy and using it to create innovative outcomes for patients.

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Creating innovative digital healthcare solutions

29 Jun 2017

What are some of the biggest issues plaguing healthcare? What do customers want from their healthcare providers? What are some of the biggest challenges and opportunities facing the digital healthcare industry?

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How clinicians can use AI in healthcare to improve patient outcomes

28 Jun 2017

What is the problem you are trying to solve?

Professor Christian Guttmann from the School of Science and Engineering at UNSW and Nordic Artificial Intelligence Institute, and the Karolinska Institute (Sweden), suggests that all business cases need to start simply with this question.

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[Presentation] AI: The latest advancements for eHealth

20 Jun 2017

Artificial inteligence (AI) will provide immense opportunities in health, but some people may have questions as to how AI can be translated into a rich solution for a system as complex as health. 

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Is telehealth a no-brainer in Australia?

19 Jun 2017

Jackie Plunkett Director of the Australasian Telehealth Society started by saying, ‘Telehealth should be one of the no-brainers in healthcare.’

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The exciting applications of robotic surgery in Australia

25 May 2017

The beginnings of robotic surgery began with the prostate. Or more accurately it began with the advent of PSA screening. Before PSA screenings, prostate cancer was often not picked up until the symptomatic stage, in other words — it was too late to fight it (prostate cancer at its most curable stage is completely invisible).

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How to make digital health a viable solution in Australia

25 May 2017

‘We’re all in this room because we share a common vision, putting to work digital enablement to help out patients. Yet there is still some work to be done - we’re not where we want to be yet.’

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[Presentation] Improving access to health information

12 Apr 2017

Accessing health information in the Information Age often consists of a five-minute consultation with Dr Google. We’ve all been there. We’ve all thought that minor headache we’ve become inflicted with is some life-threatening disease that has somehow singled us out from across the cosmos.

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Brain-computer interface offers hope for locked-in patients and their families

10 Apr 2017

Technology has the potential to transform patients and their families’ lives dramatically for the better.

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[Video] Next generation biometric sensors

10 Apr 2017

Remote, unified and comprehensive sensors are set to be the next big thing in biometrics. ContinUse Biometrics was developed by one of the creators of Xbox Connect, and these remote sensors use similar technology in the medical space.

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In conversation with: Angelene Falk, OAIC

07 Apr 2017

We are excited to welcome Deputy Commissioner at the OAIC, Angelene Falk to this year’s CeBIT Australia.

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[Presentation] Why clinical governance is key to digital health success

06 Apr 2017

“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

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Crispr the gene-editing technology: scientific triumph or terror?

13 Dec 2016

Do you remember the wonderment Photoshop caused when it was first launched?

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Looking to the future: The program for CeBIT Australia 2017 is here!

14 Oct 2016

We are looking to the future with the launch of our CeBIT Australia 2017 agenda. As the largest and longest running technology conference and exhibition in the Asia-Pacific, we pride ourselves on bringing together a diverse array of experts from around the world.

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EDIE’s world: how virtual reality could transform healthcare training

11 Oct 2016

Atticus Finch’s famous line  — you can’t truly understand a person until you consider things from his point of view […] until you climb into his skin and walk around in it  — has been given a modern interpretation by Alzheimer’s Australia, Vic.

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How cloud technologies will transform healthcare

26 Sep 2016

At a national and personal level, ehealth technologies are changing the way we prevent and treat illness.

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Implementing an integrated medications solution

04 May 2016

Implementing an integrated medications solution is no mean feat, as was made clear by Dr Teresa Anderson, Chief Executive of the Sydney Local Health District, at her presentation at CeBIT 2016.

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Wearable skin-like sensors

04 May 2016

50 years ago, a computer took up a whole room, nowadays you can literally wear it as a second skin.

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Lifeline: how eHealth can improve patient outcomes

18 Mar 2016

The below quote taken from a report commissioned from the APH  sums up how exciting, life-changing and powerful eHealth can potentially be to the way we practise medicine.

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How technology is improving health in remote areas

08 Jan 2016

Accessing government health services from rural or remote areas is often a difficult task for patients.

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Digitalisation of health and Australia: Are we on the right eHealth track?

13 Nov 2015

Tech opens up an exciting world of possibilities for most industries and health is no exception.

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CeBIT Australia: Shaping the business technology landscape

21 Oct 2015

IP telephony, cable modems and biometrics - those were the topics shaping the business technology landscape in 2001 when CeBIT Australia opened its doors for the very first time.

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