[Presentation] Unlocking transformation through big data and analytics

Unlocking transformation through big data and analyticsTelstra has long been a success story for the way they identify network issues by applying predictive analytics to operational data (Source: Forbes 2015). For businesses to emulate this success, it's important to have the right people, tools and data in place. 

We were fortunate to have Liz Moore, Telstra's Director of Research, Insights and Analytics, deliver a presentation Big Data & Analytics 2016 @ CeBIT. The analytics guru demonstrated how businesses can put the building blocks in place for a successful big data and analytics strategy. 

Liz discussed how creative thinking can unlock key information and assist with transforming operations at by covering:

  • Data to foresight; the value chain
  • Solving the business problem
  • Leveraging data assets

Check out her presentation below to read more about Telstra's analytics success.


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