The perfect match: Old-school marketing tactics + programmatic ad tech

The perfect match: Old-school marketing tactics + programmatic ad tech

Programmatic ad buying has become significantly more efficient over the past 18 months, but there are still notable elements of wastage in the data-driven landscape, according to Yahoo7’s Ben Green. The Director of Data, Platforms and Exchanges told the audience at TechMix 2017 that wastage could be minimised if we looked to some old-school, yet rigorous direct marketing principles and applied them to new-school tech. He said that amalgamating best-practice principles of the two approaches created campaigns that delivered outstanding results, demonstrating his point with the example of a recent campaign, which led to a 110%+ uplift in response rate.

Green outlined the ‘old-school’ marketing principles as: Define, Test, Execute, Measure and Optimise, suggesting that in the world of programmatic ad buying,  “we haven’t applied those principles.” And said it’s only now that we’re seeing programmatic ad buying tools implementing this kind of thinking.

“We think programatting technology with native ads will cost-efficiently enable you to deliver on goals,” he said.

In his example of the recent campaign, he told the audience that the popular dating site struggled to attract new users. They had no demographic data and only used one piece of creative across all ads.

By using Yahoo7’s programmatic tool BrightRoll, they were able to model a customer profile from their CRM, align it with 3rd party persona and data providers, exclude existing customers and distribute the native ad campaign with personalised creative to Yahoo’s large network. This enabled to test and measure targeted creative for various audiences, dialling up the versions that achieved great results.

In simple terms, it resulted in end users with a particular sexual preference being fed the right ads, instead of all audiences receiving a one-size-fits-all version. The campaign was a success with a 110+ uplift in response rate.

He further outlined the same rules were applied to a recent campaign to drive incremental Plus7 app downloads from users most likely to be active TV streamers. What did the BrightRoll team do? They cross-sold to 7NEWS app downloaders by using customer audience ad identifiers. The result? A 360%+ conversion rate.

To create even more impact, he recommended using programmatic tech to serve native ads. He said there are many benefits including better targeting, real-time delivery, cross-screen delivery options, insights and analytics, control, a better user experience, simple version testing and not to mention, fast load times. According to Green, display ads take 400% longer to load than native ads.

Green’s presentation was one of many marketing professionals at this years ADMA/AIMIA Techmix co-located with CeBIT Australia 2017. If you’d like to see more coverage from the events at this year’s CeBIT Australia then check out our blog. 

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