[Video] Intelligence-led insights and an interactive threat visualizer

Intelligence led insights

Darktrace is a network solution for detecting and investigating emerging cyber-threats that evade traditional security tools. It is powered by Enterprise Immune System technology, which uses machine learning and mathematics to monitor behaviors and detect anomalies in your organization’s network. The Enterprise Immune System's mathematical approaches do not require signatures or rules and so can detect emerging ‘unknown unknown’ attacks that have not been seen before. 

The Threat Visualizer is Darktrace’s graphical and interactive 3D interface, which enables analysts and business executives to intuitively visualize behaviors and investigate anomalies, without requiring an understanding of the advanced mathematics that power the platform. The Threat Visualizer provides users with intelligence-led insights into the relationships and data flows across the network, in real time. When an anomaly emerges, the Visualizer allows users to play back the events leading up to and during the anomaly. The Visualizer is an interactive tool, allowing analysts to investigate deepening layers of detail and perform very complex queries.

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