Innovation: How Australia Post keeps up with consumer demands today and into the future

Innovation: How Australia Post keeps up with consumer demands today and into the future

In the lead-up to CeBIT Australia 2017, we had a chance to catch up with Gold Sponsor Australia Post to discover how they are innovating their services to keep up with today’s consumer expectations and demands. Read on as Regis Bauchiere, General Manager, Identity Solutions of Australia Post, tells us what we can expect from Australia Post in the next few years.

How is Australia Post keeping up with today's technology advancements?

Australia Post: Australia Post has been investing heavily in our own digital capabilities to facilitate a greater number of secure and authenticated services. For example, we are undertaking research and development to better understand how we can apply technologies like biometrics and blockchain to help Australians securely manage their credentials online and enable greater eCommerce opportunities.

The competitive strength of Australia Post and StarTrack combines our parcel, freight, express, courier, letters and international and eCommerce services, with our extensive retail footprint and to-the-door (last-mile) delivery network that only we service nationally.

We operate in an extremely competitive industry. With the growth of online shopping, customers expect great value, choice, convenience and service from every provider in the market. That’s why we’re continuing to invest heavily in our network and in the creation of new services to deliver value and choice.

We are already building strategic partnerships with a range of leading and emerging eCommerce companies locally and abroad to support online retail trade and provide our customers with parcel delivery services that meet their needs. Innovation is at the forefront of our transformation into a leading eCommerce business and we’re always looking for new opportunities to accelerate eCommerce innovation across Australia. We will continue to consider and identify partnerships that come with a compelling offer to strengthen and complement our eCommerce and delivery solutions.

What other technology solutions is Australia Post looking at to improve customer service in the parcel/mail delivery aspect of the business?

Australia Post: In the past four years we have invested $2 billion to transform our operations so that Australian businesses and consumers can benefit from a rapidly growing ecommerce industry that now accounts for more than $14 billion a year being spent online.

We’re continuing to invest in infrastructure, innovation and technology to better meet our customers’ needs. We are enhancing our GPS technology to improve the real-time visibility of our fleet and to monitor the progress of deliveries and pick-ups and continually improve our ability to resolve operational issues quickly. It also allows us to notify customers ahead of their deliveries and provide accurate updates about their items’ location.

We're also investigating options for other modes of delivery which will help to ensure our network is flexible and adaptable. We have been looking into a number of delivery vehicles that will support our growth as a leading eCommerce provider and ultimately set us up to be the delivery engine of the internet. We’re trialling everything from electric bikes and electric trikes, to moped-style three-wheel vehicles and electric vans for increase carrying capacity as the demand for parcel product continues to increase.

And we’ve made a significant investment in new state-of-the-art machinery to safely and efficiently process the billions of letters we handle every year. This new automation equipment will be implemented in four of our major mail processing facilities and will allow us to maximise the number of letters sequenced to round and reduce manual processing. These new mail processing machines are in the process of being implemented.

In 2025, how will Australia Post be different to how it looks today?

Australia Post: Australia Post is currently undergoing the biggest transformation in its 200-plus year history, becoming an eCommerce company and provider of trusted services, while maintaining a delivery network of more than 11 million addresses.

To be successful, we know we must solve for the needs of both users and providers of services. We will engage our customers, our shareholder and the community along the way… but we must also evolve the way we work and how we operate.

We want to be known for creating seamless customer experiences at every touchpoint – removing customer pain points and offering a consistent experience across our channels; whether it’s visiting a post office, calling our contact centre or engaging through a digital channel.

And with that idea in mind, we believe the future of service delivery must involve a multi-channel, customer-centric approach. Not only do we want to meet the contemporary needs of consumers, businesses and government, we also need to empower them to connect in new ways to everyday services and help them accelerate their own digitisation strategies.

Throughout our history we have consistently embraced new technologies and reinvention. Innovation is at the heart of Australia Post and part of our DNA.

OAP Police Checksver the last three years, we have made significant investments in our core capabilities of identity, payment, and information management solutions. We are already seeing good customer uptake in new products we took to market last year – including online Land Title Verification of Identity and Australia Post Online Police Checks, just to name a few. And this year we are looking to expand with digital identity and change of address solutions for corporates and governments.

This is where Australia Post is uniquely positioned to support businesses and government to solve this challenge… With our trusted brand, the capabilities we’ve invested in and our unrivalled physical presence – we have real world experience that comes from our own digital transformation to help organisations deliver trusted services at scale, both physically and digitally, and we look forward to sharing these learnings with our customers over the coming months, years and decades to come.

Why should CeBIT Australia 2017 visitors come see your booth?

Australia Post: We’ve learnt that customers engage when they fully understand how new products and solutions can benefit them. Our booth will enable CeBIT delegates to see, touch and explore our range of identity payments and information management solutions that have been created with our customers in mind.

What are you hoping to get out of CeBIT Australia 2017?

Australia Post: I’m really looking forward to being able to speak directly to our customers and delegates about some of the challenges and opportunities they face in digitising their services.

Thank you Australia Post and we look forward to seeing them at CeBIT Australia 2017 in May.

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