Cyber security: it’s simpler than you think

Cyber security its simpler than you think

Triskele Labs launched in 2014, and in just 18 months, have secured their spot as Australia’s leading cyber security advisors. The rapid growth of the business is due, in part, to their simple and noble vision; the company goes above and beyond for every client. Nick Morgan, Triskele Labs’ Managing Director, explains, “We’re really about making security simple for our clients, who typically struggle to get their head around security. It’s a very broad topic and it’s very new. To provide a holistic service, we don’t just audit the Nick Morgan Headshotissues and tell people what’s wrong, we work together to actually fix them through a 24/7 collaborative service – more of a partnership.”

This simple approach has been extremely effective. To date, Triskele Labs have secured 54.2M credit cards, identified 4925 vulnerabilities, reviewed 5.9M lines of code and supported 932 training partners.

“Triskele Labs is about bringing security into the everyday mindset. We really want to make sure it's accessible and easy to use,” Nick adds.  

The company is currently in the midst of developing a new product, which will cut down the implementation of complex security protocols from months to minutes. They’re also developing a training platform that will help their clients educate their end-users in an ongoing and engaging manner.

The company's success also lies in the fact that the traditional perception of security has shifted. Major hacks to big-name companies such as Sony, Target and Ashley Madison, have become headline-worthy news. And people are starting to pay attention.

Nick says, “The big hacks made business owners realise they were accountable for data breaches. Changes to the Privacy Act in 2013 stipulate that companies and company directors can be found individually liable. The mindset used to be - ‘oh we’re a mining company we only dig things out of the ground’ but that’s not the case. Most companies have got sensitive employee details on record; from names, addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth to banking details. If that goes missing it’s a big deal and companies can be fined big dollars. Companies are fearful of making the front page of the newspaper.” Triskele Labs can reduce this risk through simple security controls that do not cost a fortune.Triskele Labs Logo

Nick maintains that implementing security based on fear can leave companies open to vulnerability. Why? Because they don’t properly assess their security needs before they turn to a solution.

Triskele Labs will exhibit at CeBIT 2016 to set this straight and to encourage discussion about information security. “We find that people have a lot of questions for us whenever we do display at events. People actively seek us out. Through this, we’ve found a lot of people implement security based on fear, uncertainty and doubt. Instead, we want companies to implement security protocols based on what is actually relevant to them. Through CeBIT we have the opportunity to talk to the board, management or even end-users. From there we can inform and educate them on good security practises; which is what we really love doing. We also plan to officially launch our new product at CeBIT to showcase how we can help make people’s lives easier.”

2016 is shaping up to be a busy year for Triskele Labs and we for one can’t wait to see what they bring to the showroom floor.  

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