Big data insight: Are your customers super fans or just regular fans?

Big data insight: Are your customers super fans or just a regular fans?

Ticketek can tell if you’re an Adelaide Crows fan or a Katy Perry fan or both. It can predict the next event you’re likely to book and it knows if you’ll travel to see your favourite star.Today, TEG Analytics Head of Data Science, Mohammad Elteibi, took the audience at CeBIT Australia 2017 through the technology the event giant uses to capture their customer’s data insight. TEG Analytics is the company that powers the data capturing technlogy behind Ticketek, Eventopia, Softix and more.

Custom-built dashboard Genome Live holds and displays the data, or as he coins, it's the customer’s fingerprint. Ticketek uses this this data not only for marketing and sales, but also to show trends in certain sectors. It’s no surprise Victorians are passionate AFL fans - but did you know South Australians have had a major jump in AFL game visits in the past few years? Plus, the average fan will go to 3.5 games per season.

Custom-built dashboard Genome LiveAnd what do footy fans do when they are not at the footy? Genome Live will tell you. But, as Elteibi points out, he has a love-hate relationship with dashboards, as often they can lead to more questions than answers.

Elteibi says in a bid to use the data on a deeper level, SPA - Sponsorship, Performance and Amplification, was created to answer some of the questions. It’s a system for measuring a customer’s fan engagement at the team and code levels. As you can imagine, the data SPA uncovers and informs commercial strategies such as sponsorship, content investment and sports development. It also helps with forecasting ticket sales and attendance and it can even go as far as to help understand the impact a team’s performance effects fans.

At the end of the day Elteibi says when everything comes together these analytics are used give customers what they want. “It’s all about trying to talk to you in a relevant way,” he told the audience.

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