[Presentation] AI: The latest advancements for eHealth

cebit-17-blog-ehealth-christian-guttmann-1.pngArtificial inteligence (AI) will provide immense opportunities in health, but some people may have questions as to how AI can be translated into a rich solution for a system as complex as health. 

There are currently 106 start-ups across the globe looking to utilise AI and become the next Fitbit of the software world. Christian Guttmann delivered a presentation on the applications and implications of AI in health. Guttmann is the Director of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science at HealthiHabits where he uses his expertise (a PhD in AI to be exact), to demysitfy the fog around making medical predictions. 

Check out his presentation below to find out more about artificial intelligence and how it is currently being applied to health. 

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