5 ways the right travel tech can protect your data, people, and bottom line

Five ways the right travel tech can protect your data, people, and bottom line

Corporate travel is the second largest indirect spend for business but most are struggling to unlock a greater return on investment. The key is using the right travel tech which will not only help your bottom line, but protect your employees and keep your data secure.

Global business travel spending was forecasted to increase by six percent in 2018 and a further nine percent in 2019. By 2020, it will hit $1.6 trillion.

With that in mind, it can no longer be put to one side. How you handle corporate travel must now be very much part of your core technology purchase plan.

Many domestic corporate booking tools operate on outdated technology built decades ago and are now out of sync with the heavy demands of today’s ever-changing travel landscape.

As one of the world’s top 15 software companies (Source: Forbes 2017 global rankings), Amadeus is launching cytric Travel and Expense in Australia, an end-to-end booking solution which will not only keep pace with those changes but set your business up for the future.

The easily-scalable, cloud-based and future proof platform evolves as your business does. Here are five ways Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense can deliver more return on your travel investment:


1. Built to give you back time and money

You want technology to make the customer experience easier, simpler, and faster. With Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense high-speed functionality, you can book a flight in three clicks in less than 30 seconds. And it’s backed by Amadeus’ wide range of global travel content.

This is matched by a robust policy engine which recognises the best journey, the best fare, for each person. Artificial intelligence is built in to minimise travel and connection times to give your employees back time and increase productivity.


2. Evolving with your business

Your technology needs to accommodate change quickly. For example, the way airlines distribute their content (ie. seats) is very different today to when many original platforms were built. In the past, your meal, bag, seat, were all part of the same package. Now airlines are slicing and dicing and you have an endless array of options. It's confusing. You need a system that can predict what your travel needs will be.

Amadeus also has the capacity to bring travellers the most relevant content, and fast, as it is built and customised to what the company wants. If there’s corporation change or if the airline distribution method changes, Amadeus can deliver immediately … not in months but days.


3. Keeping your (and your employee’s) data secure

You need to trust who is handling your data. This is not an area you want to be outsourcing to just anyone, because it’s not only your data, but that of the most precious asset you've got as a business — your people.

There are so many elements you need to consider with regard to security, which go beyond simply being PCI DSS compliant. There are other questions that businesses should ask, such as where the data centres are located and what physical security measures are in place. What third party vendors are your suppliers dealing and passing your data onto? Be fierce and fearful when it comes to selecting your vendor and their partners.

Another critical element is cyber security which can highlight huge differences between suppliers. Corporations need to be asking their vendors about Disaster Recovery Management Plans - if their data centre is threatened, can their supplier guarantee their data, which can amount to millions of transactions, be recovered and protected seamlessly and securely.

It doesn’t matter if you're a bank, a mining company, or a start-up, any compromise on your data will have a direct effect on your Profit and Loss.


4. Knowing where your people are (and how to reach them)

One of the biggest benefits of a managed travel program is the ability to mitigate risk to corporate travellers. In developing a corporate travel policy, you factor in the safety and security of your travellers but that policy needs to be enforced to be truly effective. Having a user-friendly Online Booking Tool that enables the enforcing of travel policy is key to this.

In reality, there will be policy leakage with travellers booking unapproved vendors, which means you lose sight of where they are and who they are dealing with. The ideal scenario is to bring any ‘out of policy’ bookings into the corporate travel management platform to ensure a complete view of a travellers travel plans and whereabouts. Amadeus corporate solutions are able to assist with this, so you get a full picture of your traveller movements including bookings made outside the Online Booking Tool.

Additionally, Amadeus offers innovative means to track your travellers via geocoding and GPS, and enables two way communication, so you not only know where they are, but how they are.  Appropriate action can then be taken to ensure the traveller is removed from harm.


 5. Automating expenses to drive down costs

Having the right automated expense management tool can create new revenues, as well as having a more rounded travel policy. Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense allows corporations to manage travel, from planning to reimbursement, and keep control over its travel spend. Amadeus offers premium services to its customer, so if your expense policy or needs change, we offer site management and local support as part of your standard package, no hidden cost, no endless wait, proximity and service is what we do best. 

Through cytric Travel & Expense, Amadeus can work with you to achieve bigger savings, greater employee satisfaction, productivity and duty of care — to get more mileage out of your travel dollar.

Want to learn how Cytric can get you more return on your travel investment? Visit our stand [G46] at CeBIT Australia 2018.

Author: Ingrid Picard: Head of Corporate IT Solutions for Amadeus IT Pacific. Ingrid is responsible for the commercial strategy of Amadeus’ portfolio of products and services for corporations.

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